Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Pictures

Sorry if these look kinda bad! I had to scan them off.
These are Damien's 9 Month Shots. It only took like 10 minutes to do these because he was so happy and having a great time. Wish it was that way with Dominic. He hates having pictures done.
Here's the cute little pucker face he loves to make.

I figured I'd have the school do his pictures since he always cries and throws a fit for me. They got him to do it but he was looking off to the side so now I really do need to take him back in to Walmart to get a good 3 year shot. This is Alexzandra and her Principal Mr George on his 50th Birthday with her wearing her Over the Hill Shirt we made.
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And last here's a pic of me holding another positive pregnancy test. I think I'm finally believing this is real.


ks said...

I don't know if I'd take him back to Wal-mart if it tortures him that much. I think the pic looks great. Captures who he is at that age. If you drag him to another picture, you might just be reinforcing his adversion to them.
My oldest daughter hated having her picture taken until she was about six, and I always pushed the issue trying to get that one picfect one every year. We have alot of red rimmed eyes and mad face pictures. The looking away is not that bad considering. Probably make him pretty pissed off too.
Sorry for going on and on. Love the fact your prego again and will keep you in my prayers.

Rhonda said...

The pics all look great, even you holding the pg test! Damien is a cutie.

Jenn said...

The kids' pics look great. I agree with KS, the one of Dominic looking to the side is still really nice, and heck, it looks like all the "trendy" photos now a days where you're not supposed to look at the camera. ;)

Kristi Ann said...

Awwwwwwwwww *grins* Those were ADORABLE! Damien is really photogenic! What a cutie! I really need to schedule our family pictures! grrr! :)

rach said...

Damien looks like a carbon copy of you. So of course he's scute.

Adam's Mom said...

Love the photos! I like the one of Dominic too - it just shows who he is! And the one with you and the pg test - PRICELESS!

Sabrina said...

First off thanks everyone for all the comments on the pics! I thought they were worth sharing. :)

ks- that's exactly how it is taking Dominic to Walmart. We try M & M's, Beef Jerky, anything to get something that looks decent out of him but usually you can see he's been crying or he's mad in the pictures.

Rhonda- thanks! I still think I look like crap in that picture, no make up either if you can't tell! LOL

Jenn- I never thought of it being trendy! LMAO I guess alot of photographers do that "look" today. If I would have thought of that I would have bought a big package!

KristiAnn- my mom just asked me the other day when we were going to have a professional family pic done. We need too. The only ones we have are the ones that people take for us.

Rachel- my mom thinks he looks like me too. Usually everyone says the kids look like Dave. Guess he's got all the good looks! LOL

Sheri- Aww thanks! Maybe I should frame that one in a scrapbook with a title at the top of Knocked Up Again. LOL