Monday, May 15, 2006

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day Weekend! Mine was pretty boring, lots of housework. Went to some yard sales Saturday morning and got Alex some jeans and shorts and Dominic a few bigger things. I planted flowers with Alex yesterday morning while Dominic shoveled dirt at us. He doesn't quite have the concept of gardening yet. Damien fussed all weekend from teething and was up for abut 3 hours early Sunday morning from like 1-4 and we woke up for the day with him at 6:45AM. We visited my mother, and stepmom, Dave's mom got her gift in the mail since she lives in Phoenix but Alex talked to her on and off all day.

Things are better with Dave, not 100% but we'll get there. His main issue is money and all his negativity right now has to do with paying for another. For example at Walmart the other night I said we needed diapers and he said "I can't believe we're going to have to keep buying diapers after Damien's out of them." See, we've been buying diapers now for 6 years now, ever since Alex was born there's never been a stopping point or gap long enough to stop. He's also said that our hot tub is a complete waste of money, I won't get my new Tahoe with having to pay for another, etc. He's just joking around (smiling when he says these things but I know that he's really thinking another is going to break us, totally untrue until college that is. LOL

I did break down crying on Saturday evening which I think caught him off guard. I told him that I just can't be happy about this pregnancy unless he's happy too. I also said that I didn't want to do this if he was going to hate me and this baby. I would rather adopt him/her out than have a grudge in our house for eternity. Maybe that was a wake up call for him but since then he's taken this alot better. He told me after my sobfest that he's sorry and just stressed by the whole thing. Does he think I'm not stressed?? Everything this weekend that was stresssful with the kids such as meals, bedtime, crying, fighting, Damien's teething we kept looking at each other almost silently asking if we're ready to do this. By January of next year, we'll have ANOTHER in our house, and it's a scary thought. I know we can do it though and everything will be ok.

I have some really neat pictures to post but I have to scan them first. Alex's shirt I made for her principal's 50th birthday was a hit. They took her picture with Mr. George, it's so cute. I hope they put her in the newsletter. I also got Damien's 9 month pictures back which are super cute.

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TL said...

Glad things seem to be getting better as the time passes. I think your stating to him that you cannot be happy unless he is was the best thing to do. And I think you are totally right in your thinking of that too. It takes two to make a baby. You did not do this out of spite or to get back at him, things happen in life that we will never know the reason why. I would just take it for that and enjoy the ride!!