Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shaking Like A Leaf

Breathe........Just Breathe........Breathe.......Just Breathe.........I can't even type my hands are shaking so bad. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it's positive. Seriously this isn't that April Fool's Day shit. It's fucking Positive and I'm pregnant. I haven't told Dave, he left for work this morning at 6. I took my temperature this morning and it was 98.2 (way high)and I should be starting my period already, so I decided to test. When I looked at my temp I started shaking in bed because I just knew. My temp should have been around 97.5 today. This is possibly why the past few days I've felt like I've had to pee all day and I've been exhausted. Dave's going to crap his pants, this is our 5th pregnancy!! Please if you know my family, Mandi, Amie, Please don't say anything!!! I'll see if I can post a picture later of the test. I hear Damien waking, better go.


Laura said...

HOLY SHITBALLS!!!! Are you freaking serious??? Things will be fine (easy for me to say, right??) Maybe this is the girl you want so badly and God wants to give her to you. I'll be anxiously awaiting more posts from you on here!!!


Holly said...

Sabrina, OMG!!!! Please update soon, I hope Dave takes the news well. You must be in shock!!

Rhonda said...

HOLY SHIT! SABRINA!!!!!!!!!! And you didn't put this in the post to the yahoo group???????????????????

Adam's Mom said...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rach said...

I knew it I knew it I knew it...when people were saying to check blogs I KNEW you were pregnant!

Lindsay said...

Oh Sabrina!!!!

Holy cow!!!! Let us know how Dave takes it! I'm thinking of you!!!

I'm in shock! (Not that you aren't).

Sending you GIANT HUGS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Moly Girl Send Big Hugs!

Let us know how Dave reacts and when the shock wears off.

Boy Michelle really got her wish with all the PG buddies she has now.


TL said...

Congrats to you! Let us know how you sprang the news and how he took it!

NattyChick said...

Oh My. Congratulations, it's wonderful news (well, to me. I understand that you may be a little shell shocked). We had three boys, then got our little girl. I reckon the same for you!

Kristi Ann said...

Holy MOLY MACARONI!!! (as bug would say) Dave is going to be shocked at first...but I imagine he will be thrilled once it settles! WOW!! See, I go out for the day, and look what I miss!


Jess said...

OMG Sabrina!!! What exciting news! Have you told Dave yet?

I just checked the BBC site for a pic of the test but the format is all weird and I lost patience looking through the posts. So, you better post it here!

Amie said...

Well the only thing that I can say is congratulations! I am sure it is hard though, so close to Damien and with Dave not sure what to think.

Happy preggo thoughts going your way.

:) Amie

ps you don't have to worry about me spilling the beans.