Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don't Let Us Know It's Your 50th

Went to Alex's PTO meeting last night to end the year. They wanted to elect officers for the board next year and no one was wanting to volunteer, figures. I finally said I could probably be Treasurer, and then 2 other people decided they could too. So we had to have a vote and one lady I haven't ever seen her before there, was voted in as the Treasurer. I had no problem with that since I was scared to assume the position with my crazy schedule as it is. In total I think on average there is 8 people that come to the meetings, no teachers. Pretty pathetic.

When we were leaving we found out that it was Mr. George, the Principal's, 50th Birthday the next day (today)so after the meeting we headed to Walmart because I wanted to let Alex do something nice and funny for his 50th. I bought her a black T-shirt and found some scrapbooking stickers and fixed the shirt really nice. Actually it looked like it was professionally done. I bought Iron-ons just incase these stickers didn't work but I didn't end up using them. I'm thinking of buying Alex a tanktop and doing something with them.
We also bought an Over the Hill card that basically says You make going over the hill look like fun! And there's a dog on a wagon going over a hill. I told her she should go give him his card in the morning and see if he looks at her shirt. I'm sure he's going to love it, he's a very funny laid back kinda guy. All the kids love their principal and I think that says a lot. Alexzandra was so excited last night and this morning to do this for his birthday.
She even got out of bed at 6:30AM to get ready.

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Colleen said...

That is so funny, two of my regular reads joined the PTA last night! Read my friend Nicole's site too. She got "sucked into it". http://razzlefrazzle.com/

I am dreading that day when I too will be suked into it.