Monday, May 08, 2006

So far this Monday morning has went pretty smoothly. I guess getting up at 5 AM helps. Perhaps if Dave could have been abit more quieter, maybe I could have slept alittle longer. He left at 5:30 so I hauled my butt out of bed and got in the shower. I got Alex off to school fine but Dominic threw a fit again. The past 3 days he's went, we've had to use force to get him in the bus, he just doesn't want to go. After I put him in the chair he kicks and screams I guess on most of the ride there but then is happy when he sees his school.

Friday night we went to Alex's school carnival. I volunteered to run the Bean Bag Booth for 30 minutes at 6 PM. I picked that time because I wanted to be able to bid on baskets at the silent auction. This year the people actually decided to fork out some money I guess. The baskets were going alot higher so I waited till like 30 seconds till the end and bid on this one called BathTime Fun. I won it for $68! Last year I won 2 and paid $110 for Outdoor Fun and one called Baby Time. If Dave wasn't there I would have bid on another but he always gets pissy when I blow money but this is for a good cause. The money goes back to the school PTO fund. So you can kind of see a few things shoved in the basket but there was tons of Crayola bathtub tints, crayons, about 5 different kinds of bubble bath, foam, lotions, fizzies, squirt guns, soaps, jels, loafa's, 4 huge towels with duckies, 15 washclothes, foam letters, squirty toys, etc. It's awesome and I think I got the best priced basket out of them all. YAY! Bathtime was loads of fun this weekend and probably will be for a few years. LOL

Saturday we had planned to go to Cinco De Mayo festivities but it rained all weekend long. I even tried to go to a few yard sales but the rain was just too much. I picked Dominic up 3 Old Navy shirts, some wood puzzles, and about 20 kids books for $5 at the two sales I went to in the rain. We also spent Saturday at the mall and Target trying to find some gifts for Mother's Day. We found out Saturday that Damien had cut both his top front teeth. I could see the white so I knew it was going to happen soon but I never expected his top teeth to come in before his bottom. There are no signs of bottom teeth. We also transitioned from bottles to sippy cups Friday. Finally bottle free! Saturday evening I went outside to let Bailey do his duty and while he was doing that I wandered over to the BBQ Grill and stared. Would you believe after cleaning that nest out that bird had installed a NEW nest?!?!? Yeah and when I opened the lid because I saw grass hanging out the front, the bird flew out into my face!!!!! OMG I started screaming and ran in the house. I sent Alex out Sunday morning and camcorded her thinking it would happen to her but the bird was gone but there was one blue egg. Guess it's a Robin making our grill her home so I took the nest over to the tree near the grill and stuck the nest in the tree. I have YET to go see if she's came back and tried to build again. I'm too afraid to open the thing in fear she's built a 4th nest.

Last night I bought the Vsmiles- Thomas and Friends video game for the kids. I think I may just bought the best toy on Earth and it was only $16.50. Dominic played for 2 hours last night sorting big rocks and small rocks and driving the Thomas train with the controller looking for letters to complete the names of the trains. I was a bit worried that he wouldn't understand and he does have some trouble with a few of the games on it but I'm sure after playing it hours on end, he'll get it figured out. He was screaming in joy at everything on the game, he's in love and the best part is he's learning.


Kristi Ann said...

YAY!! Sammy has one of those as well, and loves the darn thing...and you are right..they ARE learning as they play which makes it even better! Too funny about the bird! LOL I wonder about D and is strange that he went from panting for the bus to screaming about not going! BOYS! What can ya do! LOL

Rhonda said...

Sounds like a calm weekend for you. The basket looks wonderful! I love bidding on that kind of stuff. Sorry D is not wanting to get on the bus anymore. Did something happen on the bus to make him not like it or is it just how he is acting these days? And I hope that bird will leave your grill alone now!

Adam's Mom said...

I love that basket of stuff! I used to never use my bath stuff or my candles and just save them for "special occasions" who am I kidding? what special occasions? Now I use pretty bath stuff every bath.

I wonder what's going on with Dominic? if you find out make sure you blog about it!

rach said...

YOu are so like me! I would do that on that stuff! So fun!