Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yep, Even I'm Bored Listening to Momma

Damien now has 4 teeth. Unfortunately you can't see them in the picture. The other bottom one popped through so all 4 in about a week and a half. He has been a nightmare, crying, screaming, pulling on my jeans for me to pick him up, and throwing his food in anger because it hurts to eat. Even when I hold him he's mad and tries to pull wads of my hair out. Bedtime has turned real fun with teething, let me tell ya. He goes ape shit in bed pulling on the crib rail throwing binkies across the floor, even giving Baby Tad the boot out of bed sometimes. Now it consists of me holding him for 30-45 minutes till he drifts off with a binkie in his mouth, slowly placing him in bed, and running like hell so he doesn't sense that I've put him down. Luckily for the most part he's only waking every few nights and a sippy cup of milk gets him back to bed.

K and K's mom never gave me the "schedule" for the summer. I will start pressing her to find out exactly how much she's wanting this summer. If it's too much then I'll tell her to take them down the street to her back up (my old sitter) I can't see how she expects me to watch her kids when the past two summers she stayed home with them. I've mentioned in the past how I don't think she puts her kids first. School gets out at like 3:15 and she never comes to get them till 5! She usually goes home and works out, goes shopping at the mall (seriously!), or out to get grocceries. So who knows why she's wanting to bring them here and what for. If it's once or twice a week, whatever but if it's more I'll probably say something to her.

Tomorrow is Dominic's Recognition at school. I'm not sure if he'll be getting any awards or anything but I figured I'd go and watch. His speech is becoming much more easier to
understand. Even the mothers I watch for understand him now when he comes up and says hi before they drop off their kids. I am pretty sure he'll be in Early Intervention for his 4 yr preschool as well. Hopefully with all this extra help, when he gets to Kindergarten it'll be less stressful for all of us.

Was anyone else sad to see Elliot go last night on American Idol? I wanted to cry. I'm positive Taylor's going to win but I love his voice too so that's ok with me.


Rhonda said...

Little Z's teeth came in the same way. If Damien follows his pattern, you will get a few weeks rest and then all four side teeth will come in together and then you will get a rest and then all four molars will try to come through together (which is where I am at now!).

I would definitely make sure you are not overloaded this summer. K and K's mom needs to take care of her own children. When I was teaching I never took Big Z to the sitter in the summer. I would take her over to visit with the other kids because she missed them, but she would not be there all day and I rarely ever left. She really needs to take care of her own kids!

Adam's Mom said...

I love the yawning picture! too cute! I am DREADING Adam's teeth coming in! I swear on every full moon he's a little bugger so I can only imagine what he'll be like with teeth!

How was Dominic's ceremony?