Thursday, June 08, 2006

1st OB Appointment

The appointment went well. I was really really hoping to do an early sono but she seemed to be unphased by my lack of symtoms (no sore boobs, throwing up) and said maybe I'm going to get lucky this time. Grrrrr..... Did the weight, blood pressure, urine, and pelvic (fun fun!) but it was then that she could tell that my uterus was on target for about 8-9 weeks so she thinks everything is fine. We tried to hear the heartbeat but by the end of my appt Damien was fidgety and getting really pissy so we tried for about a minute and gave up. I'll keep trying with my doppler. I think I'll be able to get my blood work results back soon. Alot of the nurses were really excited to see me back and to see Damien. Alex was there too and she had no idea the whole time what we were doing there. When we got there she said "Oh we're going to this Doctor?" But she didn't realize that she's a baby Dr. I told the nurses she didn't know why we were there either so they'd talk about what I should be doing for the baby and then say "do you know why you're mommy is here yet?" Finally when we left I said "Alex! You're going to have another sister or brother!" She said "A Sister!" and took off skipping to the car. I then had to tell her that we don't get to pick what we get so it might be a boy this time too. She was in complete denial when we told her Damien was a boy. Poor kid took it hard!

My OB was really happy and it struck me as weird! I thought for sure she'd be all upset to see my pregnant so soon after my last C-section but she was ok and then said something completely strange. She asked if we were going to do a tubal this time around and explained uterine rupture to me about the umpteenth time but then said "it is something that can happen but look at me I've got 5." So I'm wondering if she was talking about herself awhile back when she said something about she knew someone that had had 5 C-sections?? You don't normally get that personal with your Dr's so I didn't ask. She also said my C-section scar looked great and you could hardly tell I'd had one and I told her thanks and it was all because of her great handy work. So overall it went well and I go back July 5th, Damien's birthday! Never thought I'd be pregnant and going to an OB appt on my little guy's 1st Birthday.


Adam's Mom said...

I am so glad the appointment went well! Congratulations girl - here comes baby number 4!!!

Lorraine said...

Many, many congrats! Wonder to catch up with you and find our you are pg! x