Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothin' Like Ending The Weekend With a Big Finale

Check back later for pics, I can't find that stupid cord for my camera. Grrrrrr......

We have been running all over the place the past few days with the T-ball Game, Alex's party, the neighborhood get together we had, yesterday was actually pretty quiet and we were home most of the day. The kids played in the pool, even Damien who thought that was a hit, and I did housework. I tried chopping these horrible mulberry bushes around our property and made a nice burn pile. By last night I was tired, laying around, and my Dad called. I broke the news pretty much to everyone Thursday, a day after my appointment that I was pregnant, but hadn't told Dad. I thought maybe he'd heard from someone and just called to see if he could get it out of me but he wanted to find out if Alex's outfits he and my stepmom got her for her birthday fit. Finally before we hung up I decided to tell him, I was dreading it because I knew he would have something to say. Sure enough.

Me: "oh I should probably tell you our good news, are you sitting down for this one?"

Dad: "what's that?"

Me: "well I'm pregnant again, we decided to try for another!"- Complete lie but said this to avoid any planned/unplanned questions.

Dad: "Sabrina, oh boy. Was this planned?"

Me: "Yes."

Dad: "What's David think about this whole thing."

Me: "He's happy, he told all our neighbors at our BBQ tonight. He's shocked it happened so fast." - Ok he did tell the neighbors and he was happy when he told them but he was just plain pissed in the beginning finding out I was pregnant again.

Dad: "You know you guys aren't thinking very long term here, you do realize that kids cost money and you've got a lot of years down the road to be paying for their expenses. You keep having more kids and your 'short changing' the others. I don't think you have enough of a car, enough of a house to be having another. I'm happy for you both though."

Me: "The kids aren't going to be shorted on gifts or sports any of those things if that's what you're thinking. And I have a 7 passenger minivan and that Ram seats 6 so we're ok on vehicle space. I know we'll have to eventually do something about the house since we only have one bathroom but the boys will be ok sharing a room."- when Damien was born Dad used to always say 'I shared a room with my brothers' (he has 4!!!) Basically saying we should put the boys together.

Dad: "I don't know, I'm happy for you though. I just don't think you guys are thinking very clearly. Well I'll let you go so you guys can finish cleaning and get to bed."

Me: "Alright, I'll talk to you later. Love you, Bye."

Oh THAT was fun, let me tell ya. I tried to talk to Dave about it afterwards and all I got from him was "I don't want to hear about it." So breaking the news on #4 was about as ACKWARD
as it could get. Alex told Dave's mom which Dave was NOT happy about because when he was handed the phone from Alex, she started asking questions. I knew the planned question was going to be coming out of all the parents mouths and so I had begged him to say it was. When his mom asked he told her it was planned, but it sounded so obvious that he was lying I'm sure she knew he was. My Mom was on cloud 9 saying "oh it's going to be another girl! I'm so excited!!!!! Was this planned?" Geeeeez us! I told her it was one of those If it happened it happened things and it happened right away.

Other then dealing with a very fake congrats from Dad, the weekend went really well. Alex had her first T-ball game and WoW! That was awesome. I can't wait to have the boys in sports too! LOL She did great and since they are so young the games are for fun, no score kept but the opposing team's coach was acting like it was a major league game the way he was screaming and riding those little boys. He would scream "GO GO GO GO!" or "what are you doing!?! Hit the ball, not the T!" It was funny and Alex in the outfield was just staring at him like he was from another planet. She was paying more attention to the coach screaming at his team then the ball flying towards her. She did run 2 bases with one hit and then eventually got to home and 3 bases on another hit.

Saturday morning we had her birthday party at the park. We did it from 10-12 which was great because it was cool. The kids played in the Bounce Around we own and played on the park equipment. They had cake and icecream, she opened her gifts and then they got little bags to take home. It went really well. She had 8-9 kids there that she's friends with. Dominic did great, very well behaved, didn't try running off or anything! Damien enjoyed being held by different people which surprised me since he normally has an ass attack when someone picks him up and tries to reach out to me to take him back.

Saturday evening we had our 1st annual neighborhood BBQ. Since I hadn't been home to make a covered dish I ran to the store and grabbed a coleslaw and mac salad which turned out to be a total waste as they were hardly ate at all! It won't expire for a week but there's no way I can eat all of it. We met some of our neighbors, they loved the kids. We are the only ones out here that have young kids besides 1 other family. The rest have them but they are 18 and older! There's around 30 houses in our subdivision. We all introduced ourselves and found out how long we've all lived out there. One couple have been out there for 30 years, we've only been here for 5. It was interesting though. We each have about an acre plus of land so we don't normally run into each other often unless you stop when driving or are walking and someone is working in their yard. The people who organized it had lived in the neighborhood for 16 years and only knew a few of their neighbors nearby. We've lived here for 5 and know who lives at atleast 12 of them. I think they had gotten a bad rap out here because of their boys. I know the Cops have went to their house a few times due to fireworks.


Rhonda said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I can't wait for Big Z to get into sports too. Right now all she wants to do is ballet though! Glad your family seemed to take the news well. I am sure that they will all be excited as time passes. It is also good to hear that Dave is happy and excited and telling the neighbors now!

Jess said...

Glad the cat is out of the bag Sabrina. I'm sure once the new little one is here your dad will fall in love and forget he ever had any reservations about you having another. That is the nice thing about being an adult anyway- you aren't obligated to make decisions based on what your parents think!

Congratulations again from me. A big, happy family is something to celebrate!

First Time Mom said...

I know your dad will come around! It's funny, my family is the opposite. Everyone is trying to convince us that we should have 3 or 4 or more. My mom comes from a family of 13 kids (and one was adopted because 12 wasn't enough) and my dad has 11.

Crystal said...

My sister Becky has 4 kids, all girls! The oldest is 20, then one is 18 this year and the twins (fraternal) are going to be 16. So, they were pretty close together in age. Since I grew up way later after my older sisters left, I was kind of like an only child. I used to envy having a lot of siblings. I used to think how awesome it would be to have so many siblings live with you and be close in age and have someone go to your same school. Your kids will have that. It's priceless. I'm sorry that the family reaction was the best, but again once they see the new little one, it will all melt away and when you kids are older, they will think of not the fact that there was limited bathroom space, but more about how they loved having lots of family around the table for Thanksgiving and Christmas. :o)