Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Blabbin about Everything

I've been on the edge of my seat constantly checking into a Yahoo board I'm part of. It's a board of us gals who miscarried all around the same time 2 years ago and one (Carey Ann) has recently done her first cycle of IVF. Today would be 9DPO and she's about to start testing. I'm so excited for her and I know this is it and her son will soon have sibling in 07! It's funny how excited we can get for people we don't even know. The power of the internet. Please be rooting and praying for her!

Dominic's bus driver called at 7 AM this morning and said she would come 10 minutes later and pick him up at 7:30AM. I so wish he had his old bus driver back that picked him up at 8. It's killing the both of us getting up at 6:45 to get him ready for the bus. With Alex it's different because she listens, falls asleep at a decent time, gets ready but Dominic it's like waking a zombie from the dead and trying to get him to come back to life. He's so tired and I have to sit next to him and constantly say "eat some more, the bus will be here soon!" He's been great about peeing on the toilet every morning though. She's driving kids to other summer school programs so his school gets out at 11:30 and she doesn't show up till 12:50 with him!!! Yeah that's a long bus ride but he's getting his nap everyday so that's good I guess. I know I was looking forward to summer school but now I'm ready for it to be over with.

Yesterday afternoon I was working with Dominic potty training and took him in the bathroom but his reward stickers were missing. I've been having things disappear around here occasionally and I suspected it was Lexi the little 6 yr old I watch so I sent the kids out in the backyard to play so I could check her bookbag and see what was in there. Guess what I found? I found a little Barbie paddleball thing that belongs to Alex and 2 sheets of Dominic's stickers. This does not surprise me at all since I caught her with Alex's hair barrettes once and I saw her trying to sneak a Hello Kitty necklace once too. SO when her mom showed up the kids were still outside and I told her mom. I told her that I suspect she's probably taken other things as well since I had told her mom about the barrettes that one time. I told her not to say anything to her about the incident here but maybe just explain to her that taking things is bad before she ends up doing it at the stores like my sister's kiddo has. I told her about Madison and how she's actually went back in the store with my sister to give back things that she's lifted and how we wouldn't want Lexi to get like that. LOL Her mom was a bit shocked but said she would talk to her somehow about it. I told Dave that I'm going to start sending her somewhere with Alex when she's here so I can quickly go through her bag daily. lol

Lastly, I'm seriously thinking that I'm not going to be able to do this when this baby gets here. Usually I'm alone with bedtime duties, Dave doesn't help too much except to put Alex in bed. Last night I got them all bathed and there was crying, screaming, fighting, running all going on at once and I just wanted to bawl. Dave was doing something for work on a spreadsheet. I can't imagine adding an infant wanting to constantly eat to this mix of chaos at night. Damien is doing better and going to bed at 9 without much crying now since I started giving him a sippy cup with some milk. Eventually I'll just switch it to water like I do with the other kids. Alex has a straw cup of water and Dominic has a sport sippy of water they take to bed. I think Baby Tad is about to die soon. His hand button that counts up to "6 minutes till night night" is not working well. I've had that thing for 5 years now! I love Baby Tad, he was the BEST FREAKIN GIFT EVER!! So if his "6 minutes till night night" finally goes out, I'll be buying another. Anyways I just hope that I'm cut out for 24 hours a day with 2 babies and I'm hoping Dominic will be much more mature by January.

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First Time Mom said...

Sabrina, you are super mom if anyone can do it, you can! I read on BBC that Dominic went poo on the potty! See things are improving already!