Thursday, June 15, 2006

Morning Sickness Has Offically Arrived

I spent 5 minutes of my morning today overtop my kitchen trashcan puking while holding a gallon of milk in one hand and an empty sippy cup in the other with Damien in the highchair pounding on the tray, staring at me screaming and grunting for his drink and Alex saying "mommy you forgot to get me a drink" while eating her toaster strudel. Can we say, what the hell have I done?? Thankfully this all happened minutes after I got Dominic on the school bus and off to school.

I'm seriously wondering how I'm going to pull this off in January adding another to the bunch. Damien is still pretty needy and the boys are both getting in a jealous state as to who can get my attention more. Like last night Dominic was pushing Damien to the floor because he wanted on my lap so Damien stood back up and tried pushing him back then tried biting him and pounded on my legs for me to pick him up. I'm hoping to have Dominic potty/pooped trained by then so we'll only have 2 in diapers instead of 3 so that'll help but I wonder if he'll mature more in 6 months because right now he's still hard to manage everywhere, doesn't listen to anything I say and he and Alex fight all the time about everything.

Dave spent from 8-10PM asleep on the couch last night while I did bedtime snacks, baths, and put the kids to bed. Same with the night before. He's been so tired from work with leaving around 5-6 AM, I don't blame him but ya know being pregnant makes you pretty tired and I haven't been able to nap at all. I remember when I was pregnant with Alex I took a 3 hour nap after work every night but with the boys I don't think I even got to since I took care of her, and now it's flat impossible unless he's home. It just seems though that he's helping less and less around here and I'm so sick of doing everything with the kids, house, meals, laundry, bills, I'm pretty much incharge of everything but wiping his ass. He atleast does that himself.

I'm just feeling pretty defeated already and we don't even have a baby here yet. My mind is all over the place with different thoughts. Maybe I should start a paypal donation button for the freakin housekeeper/nanny I would love to have. lol

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UREWQ said...

I just want to send you a hug!!!