Friday, June 16, 2006

Home, Home On The Range

Because I have nothing else to say........

It's Harvest Time

Combine wheel tracks on cut Wheat
Ok if you come to my house right now either expect that you'll.....
  1. Have allergies really bad all the sudden
  2. Follow Grain Trucks on these roads forever since it's too hard to pass 'em.
  3. Want to pull over somewhere and watch these massive machines twirl away at the Wheat

It's been an interesting, noisy, fun to watch week as the farmers are cutting their wheat. The housing addition we live in is surrounded by wheat so there is truck traffic everywhere right now. Every year we know when our neighbor is cutting by a certain buzzing noise that we can hear in the house and we go outside and watch. The kids think it's pretty cool. I remember as a kid we'd go watch my uncles cut the wheat on the farm and play in the grain trucks letting the wheat berries run through our toes. Those were fun days.


Jenn said...

Wow! That sounds like fun! My grandparents used to have a farm, but it was nothing like that... they just had a bunch of animals and a small garden.

I hope you and the kids have fun watching them!

Adam's Mom said...

That is so cool! I love the pictures! Nothing like that here in the city!