Monday, June 19, 2006

House Hunting Again

I hope everyone out there had a great Father's Day! Ours didn't amount to much. I didn't buy anything for Dave but told him what I was going to get him. He hasn't said yes or no on it yet so I didn't buy it. He wants a $225 pressure washer but he wants to look at it first. lol Did visit my Dad and Step Dad and gave them a gift. Kids had fun doing that.

I told Dave friday night that if we're going to move, we need to do it now before Alex gets in school again so we are beginning the adventure of house selling/buying again. Hopefully without his company hounding us about moving a short period of time and all the pressure, we'll be able to do it this time. Dave's happy because it'll be a shorter commute to work for him. I should be able to start up daycare again in this area DEPENDING on if they have tons of other providers then I may have a problem. We decided on Saturday to drive to the suburb we chose around Wichita and look at housing and what it was like. The population is supposedly just 4,000 people although it seems alot busier then that. Such a small town to have a Pizza Hut Bistro, McDonalds, Sonic, and Taco Bell. My favorite part was that Dollar General and Family Dollar are side by side! How great is that! LOL It's 9 minutes away from Wichita which is perfect. While we were driving through the fancy little subdivisions we noticed one that said model homes so we stopped and went in. The builder had 3 models of the homes he's building and so we went through all 3. The one I liked the most is WAY out of our price range as a model at $203,000. The least expensive model was $163,000 which is where we'd be comfortable on price but we'd still have to add a water softener and privacy fence.

The builder told us that there are several people selling in the neighborhood and we may just want to go that way instead of buying new since the houses are all less then 5 yrs old. He has some 1/2 acre lots on the cul-de-sacs that he said would be perfect for us since this neighborhood is just crawling with kids. I guess the people with kids choose the cul-de-sacs so the kids can run around without worrying about them getting ran over. We drove around and looked at the lots he told us to and he wasn't kidding. There were kids everywhere rollerblading in the circle, riding bikes and even a few basketball goals sat out there so they could have a bball court. It was really neat and I think it's going to be a great area for the kids considering that all the kids in our neighborhood are teenagers! The houses seem to be spaced out a bit more, not much but there is a decent yard. I'm a bit worried about us having 3 big dogs. It's probably going to be a trial and error thing and we'll have to see how it goes. If we get complaints then I'll see if I can get Ceasar placed with a rescue and he should be fairly easy to adopt out since he's really pretty good just overly excited.

Our next step is to get incontact with a realtor on our house although I don't want to list it till I can do some serious cleaning out of extra junk around here and we're thinking at the end of the month having a huge yard sale. I'm a bit nervous how this is going to go. Alex has given us an A-OK after we visited the school and the kids checked out the playground equipment. Guess that's all that matters right? lol

Here's some of the houses for sale in this neighborhood we have chose. This one we'd have to finish the basement first but this is the same as the model that I liked the most. It was so open and felt huge! It's on a cul-de-sac! This one is ready to go! I love the pics on this one. Tons of room but this was the same as the cheapest model he builds and it has a split stairway to the basement and the reason I didn't like it. I'm afraid we'd be restricted on what we could put downstairs. It's also on one of the main roads in this neighborhood, not on a cul-de-sac like the man suggested. Same with this one, no cul-de-sac and this isn't like the other models. This must have been an earlier build he did. This is in the same area just a different subdivision. I really like the way it looks but the fact that there's water behind kinda scares me with the kids. Fence would have to be put up the first day we lived there! Same subdivison as the last but no finished basement. That'll fly till the 4th kiddo would come. lol

There were a bunch more for sale by owners but I felt like such a 'tard driving around in this neighborhood because OBVIOUSLY I'm not smart enough that Ct- means court in other words means DEAD END. I kept going in the cul-de-sacs and having to turn around, some I think I may have went in twice. It made an interesting Saturday though, especially after not changing Damien for quite awhile and giving him a ton to drink while we looked he peed out of his diaper on his clothes and I forgot to bring an extra outfit. He rode home in a diaper.


Kirsten said...

That is amazing Sabrina! I want to move to Kansas! Here in Portland you can't buy a 1 room shack with an outhouse for under$300,000!

Adam's Mom said...

I'm with Kirsten - in Vancouver prices are outrageous, highest in Canada. Time to move to Kansas!

Kristi Ann said...

Hmmm...maybe we will look in Kansas when we think about moving back to the mainland.....Hopefully there is work there as well! :)

Tuesday Girl said...

Amazing prices!!!! I am drooling. For those houses here, it would be a steal at 450k.