Monday, June 26, 2006

Were Back!

We just got back yesterday from our mini vacation to Colorado Springs. We usually go to Colorado once a year since Dave has family there. It was alot of fun, the kids had a blast, except for the car drive. Let me just mention it's about 7.5 hours there and back. Alex was great, Dominic was ok, Damien was a monster. He instantly turned into this devil child screaming and wailing there and back trying to find a way out of his chair. Thomas the Tank movies occupied him for awhile, about 20 Ritz crackers, toys he enjoyed throwing them because he was pissed. His screams were similar to severe pain screams, the kind that have you running to the ER with your kid. His problem was he just didn't want in the chair anymore, he wanted out. Hell I would too but we won't be as careless as Britney Spears in this family. Dominic and Alex fought over toys, beat the crap out of each other a few times but other then that they were pretty good. All 3 slept atleast a few hours there and back.

I already knew everyone coming to this family reunion but Dave's uncle and cousin Natalie so it was great to meet them. His aunt and uncle are good friends with the neighbor who has party central on the front yard of his property. We couldn't believe it. Basically there was no grass, just dirt and tables and a bar set up with plenty of drinks and a blender. Saturday we ate lunch there and it was not good for me at all. Obviously they kept a secret that the burgers were made of ELK. I thought it had a strange taste but ate 1/2 of it. I had the worst indigestion and burped all evening. It sucked. Saturday we also took the kids to the Garden of the Gods, Santa's Workshop and The Ghost Town Museum. We thought about doing some more but the kids were so exhausted. Saturday evening we went over to say our goodbyes as we were DREADING the ride home with the kids. The whole clan of adults were across the street basically all drunk and drinking at the party central dude's house. I didn't feel comfortable at all and wanted to just get the hell out of there but we stayed for a bit and left back to the hotel. His parents came by for a bit then left so we could get to bed.

In all it was a great trip except for the car drive and my extreme nausea that kept making Dave slow down speed up. I swore I was going to lose it on the road. Sunday morning at 4:30 AM I got up and puked. After that I couldn't sleep so I started getting around so we could get back on the road. I felt ackward with how Dave's family was asking so many questions about this baby. I've only heard the heartbeat once, that's still not enough for me to believe everything is positively fine. They just wanted to talk about names and what we were hoping for etc and I would rather wait for all that talk when I look and actually feel pregnant. I'll post more pics later but here's a few of the Garden of the Gods and The GhostTown Museum.
Balance Rock
Garden of the Gods
Garden of the Gods
Garden of The Gods
Riding the Buffallo
Panning for Gold!
Ghost Town Museum

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