Thursday, June 22, 2006

Signs of Life Finally At 10 Weeks

I really hate the early stage of pregnancy because you can't tell what the heck is going on in there! I'm such a paranoid freak that I've still been charting temps to make sure they are high meaning the baby is doing good. I have a doppler that I bought when pregnant with Damien because I just needed to hear that heartbeat all the time to know everything was ok. Miscarriage really screws with your mind. Even in the end I swore he would die of a cord accident I was that neurotic.

So I've been getting out the doppler now for about 2 weeks and trying every few days. Finally yesterday I caught it briefly for about 20 seconds then like that it slipped away! I tried awhile after that but the 20 seconds I heard was enough to reassure me. I timed it at 150 BPM! Past kids: Alexzandra was 130BPM, Dominic 150BPM, Damien 160 BPM so right now I'm pretty sure Boy. I'd love another girl but really it doesn't matter to me. I'm not going to cry about having another boy if that's what the sono reveals. I'll just have lots of soccer, football, and T-ball games ahead of me which is alot of fun.

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Kristi Ann said...

Yay! Sabrina! I am So happy you got to hear it for the first time! That is always special!! And reassuring! I will be the same way with my 3rd! I cant believe I just typed that! But yes...i am thinking 3 would be nice! Maybe we will try in about 3 months or so! :)