Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Because These Need To Be Shared

I'm posting these links but feel free to also click the title and visit Ava's site. I think she's sending quite the message for us all at only 15 years old.

The other day my friend called to tell me that her brother is being sent back to Iraq......the 3rd time. It's almost like Bush is going to keep sending soldiers over and over till one by one we lose them all. Hell who cares right? They're replaceable. All Bush has to do is keep offering more and more money for college on 30 second commercials on TV, that seems to work. Bastard. She's worried, I'm worried for her family. Her brother didn't think he'd be going over again since he was just there less then a year ago so he just bought a house. He's also divorced thanks to the military. Then I found out that Alex's friend Allison, her dad is being sent off to Turkey and will be gone for atleast a month or more. Mrs. BetterthanU's dh is about to be deployed also but I'm not sure where yet. Anyways I found it hard to not cry during the videos, especially the 2nd. We live in such a sad depressing world. My daughter heard Jesus Loves Me on the laptop when I played the 2nd video and wanted to see what it was thinking it was something good. I wouldn't dare show her. Our poor kids have no idea of the evil going on in this world.


Crystal said...

I know. The war sucks. If A had had to go to Iraq other than Virginia for 135 days, I'd be a lot more worried, more pissed off, etc. I hate to say it, but when you sign up for the military, that's what you get...war, despair, death. It's part of the gig.
Thanks for the videos and thanks for sharing your feelings. It's good when civilians get involved, because that affects a lot of change in the world. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sabrina, thanks for sharing these videos. I agree with's nice when civilians get involved, it makes the troops feel as though what they do really matters and someone back home cares about them. As the time gets closer for us to return to the states in Jan, I get more and more scared of sean having to go back to Iraq..scares me so much to think of losing him. He's got about a 90% chance of getting deployed back over there so it's not looking good. thanks again for sharing this, its nice to know other people care about what my husband does.


Kristi Ann said...

I couldnt watch the video's...didn't even try....hey I have the news here and that is enough! I pray every day for those brave people out there! I don't think near enough is being done for them!