Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Yeah, I know, I'm Cute.

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Damien is so close to walking now, you can see the determination in his eyes. I think if he weighed less he'd be doing it already but the boy weighs about 25 lbs. His knees and legs are thicker then Dominic's. He's still probably a foot from being the same height but I have a feeling he's going to catch up quick. The walking is usually two short steps then to the ground he goes but he's getting the balance thing quite well. He can stand balanced without touching anything for atleast 30-40 seconds. He loves walking and pushing things though. Dominic has a huge Tonka dump truck that Damien pushes all over the house laughing at how fast he can go. Dominic is not fond that Damien likes his toy so much. There's a lot of fighting over cars, trucks, and trains since Dominic is not the sharing type.

We have just a few more days till our mini vacation. I'm hoping it's going to go well but I am worried about taking 3 kids on the road for 7 hours. That's alot of time to occupy a baby, preschooler, and one bored gradeschooler. I'm thinking about buying a converter so the kids can play the V-smiles but right now all we've planned are movies, coloring books, and the Spongebob joystick that plugs into the TV. I'm going to go to Dollar General and buy some $1 toys as well for them and they'll have a tub between them stuffed with junk to do. They sit in the back of the van so I hope there's no fighting as I can't crawl back there, we'd have to pull over. With Damien, I plan on using the links I have and hooking a ton of toys on it and hooking it over the seat so he can play with that. The rest of the trip he'll have to enjoy watching TV. He's only into the TV when we're in the van, he could care less of it at home.

Last night Alex came home from VBS (vacation bible school) and was really happy. My dad and stepmom are just thrilled that she wanted to go and that she's having a great time. We were sitting around and Alex whispered, "mommy, I need a book." I said "you need a bible?" She responded, "yeah, that book!" So I went and got her one of the bibles I have here although she can't read well so I'm not sure the point but as soon as I handed it to her she did this fist clenched in the air, pull back elbow move and said "YESSSSS!" Then she skipped to the front room. LMAO! It was so so funny and cute!!! She is loving VBS so this officially means after our trip next week she'll be bugging us to go to church which is fine but it'll be a major morning adjustments on Sundays. I've always wanted to start taking the kids but just never have. She is pretty upset that she's going to miss the last day of VBS and the program on Saturday. Poor kid.

I think this pregnancy will be the one to destroy my poor body. I haven't gained any weight but I've noticed I'm already having pain in my legs where I had vericose veins starting from Damien. I'm having to pee alot or my bladder aches so that means I'm having to get up in the middle of the night or my bladder kills in the morning. If I jump up too quick or move too fast I have all sorts of gut ripping feelings. Guess I'm lucky Morning Sickness hasn't been too bad although I'm nauseous all the time I've only puked twice. I hope that trend continues! I'm already counting down the days though till January because I'm afraid my poor body is going to fall apart if it doesn't hurry.


Kristi Ann said... sound like me!! Damn age and pregnancy woes! LOL And to think I may PUT MYSELF through it all again in a few months! *sigh* The things we do for our kids and they have NO idea! LOL

Kristi Ann said...

Oh yeah I forgot to add how ADORABLE Damien is!!! He is getting So big already!!! Sammy is going through his 'my toy' stage right now with McKayla! Drives me bonkers!