Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Can I Complain Yet??

I had a feeling this would be probably the hardest pregnancy out of all the kids

#1- Damien was just born 12 months ago
#2- Now I have 3 kids to deal with while pregnant
#3- Past pregnancy problems would probably pop up again

I have discovered the last few weeks that my right leg has been bugging me in 2 certain spots. Vericose Vein spots. When I was pregnant with Dominic I noticed this bubbly part of my leg and with further investigation found it to be the start of a vericose vein. It didn't bug me at all pain wise just the way it looked was what bugged the hell out of me. It hasn't grown any but when I was pregnant with Damien I noticed down by the back of my knee was turning really purple. More investigating with a mirror I discovered some nasty looking spider veins. So now at 13 weeks, I've noticed my leg almost feels bruised from up by my crotch where the bubbly one is down my leg to the back of my knee where it's just purple and looks like a bunch of spider veins. Alittle worried here on how my leg will look at the end of this pregnancy and if I will have this bruised pain for the next 5 1/2- 6 months.

Still no news if the people that walked through on Sunday liked the house. With the open house coming up this Sunday, I'm hoping that will bring alot of potential buyers through, maybe putting some pressure on the first people that came through to put an offer in before someone else does. We have exactly 3 weeks now till enrollment begins so I'm hoping someone puts an offer in by then so I can call the school and find out if it's ok that we enroll our kids. If they say yes, we plan to move over there into a hotel till we close and can get into our new house. I'm so worried this isn't going to work out with such a short time frame.

Kids started swimming lessons last night and my sister's kids are in the same classes. She gave me dirty looks while I smiled really big at her, we didn't talk. My mom says just apologize so she'll get over her little hissy fit but I don't think I should have to apologize for making a comment about not having to drop my kids off to go to a store. She's weak, I swear. I don't see how something so stupid made her so mad. I know she gets mad because I have it so much better than she does as far as the family life. She hates that I don't have to work and that Dave is such a great guy. She's working her butt off to pay for gym memberships and supplements for her Cop boyfriend and a new Ford Explorer that they just had to have putting them $30,000 in debt! Sucks to live above your means when you don't have the money. Glad that's not us.


Kristi Ann said...

Awwww...I hate fighting with family! Thats the worse! So cool that the kids are in swimming though! Sammy would love something like that@

Rhonda said...

Sorry the veins are bugging you. I say you can complain if you want to!

Can't believe your sister is still not talking to you!! There are tons of people that live beyond their means. It is so easy to do with the credit cards and extended credit everyone is willing to give. My mom said that we need to go back to the good old days when you really did need to have cash to buy anything!

Sara said...

Holy SMOKAROONIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the heck? CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!1 When did you get pregnant again? 12 weeks?????????????????? I need to find where you wrote this. How did I not know about it? Well, I've been off the email a lot for around 8 weeks, so maybe that's it, but my oh my!!!

I am so happy for you. How amazing and wonderful!!!!! I just can't believe it! And congrats on the house with a lake view and everything! I can't believe how much has happened for you recently!


Sabrina said...

Kristi Ann- We started lessons with the kids when they were 2. They love it! You should look into your recreation commission or local YMCA. I'm sure Sammy would have a ball!

Rhonda- Wait till you see my next post! It's about controlling debt. LOL

Sara- I had no idea you didn't know! Thanks for the congrats! It'll be interesting to see what January is like. I'm a bit scared actually! Hoping Dominic will be more mature by then.

Adam's Mom said...

I'm sorry your sister is still being stupid, that sucks!

No wonder your body hurts girl, 5 pregnancies and 4 babies - you are a real trooper!!