Monday, July 10, 2006

Damien Smurf

First off, sorry the pics are not the best quality. We have horrible lighting in our kitchen and then with a new one year old having cake for the first time ever, there seems to be some fast flying of the hands all over the place cramming cake and icing in the mouth causing pictures to blur alittle bit while his eyes bulge out and he's silently saying "why the hell haven't you fed me THIS in the past?!?!" I didn't get a picture of the end results but his face was completely blue like a Smurf, or the Blue Genie if you've been watching the King of Cars. lol
Blue Icing Face First Few bites

Smashed Cake

Turing into a smurf!

More Blue Face


Damien's little party went well on Saturday. We had about 15 people all together, devoured pizza, cake and icecream. He wasn't overwhelmed at all but kept hiding in my shirt so he was still a bit shy. He got a fire truck, dump truck, clothes, a Speed McQueen car, and a road ripper Saturn and over $100. Can anyone tell he loves cars and trucks?!? He loves his new loud vehicles and is pushing them everywhere. We specifically asked for small toys or no toys because we have way too many around here. I'm sure anyone coming through our house since it's for sale will probably be thinking "spoiled little brats!" when they see our kids rooms plus all the toys outside.

We had our yard sale saturday morning and didn't do so hot since it rained for over a hour so we're doing another on Friday evening. I have too much going on Saturday morning. Sunday evening we had our first person come through our house. We went out to eat at Chili's while we waited. I told Dave it's a bit odd that a month ago I said yes to selling the house when we were eating at Chili's and now we're sitting there eating while someone toured our house. We have our first Sunday showing this Sunday. One daycare mom knows the house is on the market, the other will find out in about 30 minutes. lol I really don't care what they think honestly. At Walmart Saturday I ran into a Mom I know who Alex and her daughter were in the same class and told her. I basically just told her it really wasn't fair for me to sit on my butt at home and expect him to make all the money and spend 1.5 hrs on the road commuting daily. I know alot of the Mom's I'm friends with because of Alex's school think I'm nuts right now. I'll miss everyone but we've really got to do what's best for us as a family. I think moving is really going to help us out quite abit with Dave being able to get off work easier to help with appointments and kid activities. I think the school district we'll be enrolling the kids in will offer the kids more than the one Alex is in now. I think we'll be ok. Then of course this could just all fall through if no one likes our house! We'll see.


Rhonda said...

Damien looks like he loved his cake!!! That is the best part of the 1st birthday!

Best of luck with selling the house and making the move!

Crystal said...

Happy 1st Birthday to Damien! Wow, time flies. :o)

Adam's Mom said...

What a little cute smurf!!! Looks like his hair is growing again!