Thursday, July 13, 2006

Debt Diet Takes Effect

So I gave myself an envelope of $80 till Dave gets paid on the 15th and then I'll keep $200 for 2 weeks. I went to McDonalds with the kids for lunch and spent $9 and wrote it down, stored the receipt. I'm alittle paranoid about carrying money as it seems to disappear quicker than money in the checkbook so I guess that's where writing everything purchased onto the envelope comes into effect. My Dad gave me $100 for my birthday 2 weeks ago and I think I lost it. Lost it or spent it without knowing. We're BAD with leaving money laying around so with our house up on the market, we're really going to have to be careful. I made sure I hid the kids piggybanks which have over $100 each in them.

We have decided on 2 houses and are working on getting approved for a loan. It looks like we can get one but we're gagging on the 6.6% interest. No one else has came through the house and it's been on the market now for a week. That's alittle depressing. Our open house will be Sunday though so we'll see how that goes. There's so many little differences between the two houses that we're in love with.

House A built in 2001$160K
Big Big Lot- 13300 Sq Ft!
Laundry in basement BUT it has a laundry drop so that's awesome!
Lots of basement storage!
Doggie door in the kitchen! Awww!
Has a HUGE back patio next to the deck for the hot tub
Dining room floor is carpet, this will eventually have to be changed to wood like the kitchen
No HOA fees, means no playground, no community pool, no nice walking paths.
1450 Sq Ft Top level- fully finished basement

House B Built in 2004 $172K
Small Lot- 9800 Sq Ft- that's 3500 Sq Ft smaller then House A
$300 HOA fees include pool, playground, walking paths, exterior maint.
Laundry is on the top level
Fireplace has built in spot above for 27 or so inch TV
Floor in dining area is wood floor
1250 Sq Ft Top Level- fully finished basement- Hardly any storage they finished so much.
Basement has built in Wetbar and entertainment center
Basement and top floor have built in surround sound
Master Bedroom is smaller only 12 x 12!!! House A is 15 X 13!
If we went for this house and couldn't get the owner down, we'd sell our gas guzzler 01 Dodge since the payment would be higher.

I even scoped out houses up to $200K and they are all compare about the same. These houses to me look nicer then the $200K houses. The main thing I care about is the kids. I know the kids LOVED the community pool that was only about 200-300 feet down the sidewalk but do I want to get that close and personal to my neighbors in my bathing suit?? House A had no HOA which means we could do a nice pool, our dogs probably wouldn't be much of an issue, and the yard is huge but I worry ALOT about that white/tan carpet in the dining area. I can handle basement laundry as I do that now and that nice oak laundry drop would be great. I could just take everything to our bedroom, you walk in the closet and drop it all down the hole. I told Dave I would be worried that Dominic would jump so the closet would probably have to have a lock.

Anyways- as you can see the kids are always first. That's the only thing I think of in life anymore. We never think of ourselves, it's always what's best for the kids. I'm torn on which house would be better. Both are in very kid friendly neighborhoods but I just don't know. I really think House A but then I look at House B and I'm torn! Well Damien awoke! Better get off here. Have a great day!

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Colleen said...

Happy belated B-day to Damien! Alanna's playgroup party is tomorrow and her family party is on Saturday. This will be the first combo party for Daddy and Daughter! Let's see how well they share a birthday. I am doing a royal theme, the king and the princess!