Saturday, July 15, 2006

Name Wars

It's been a battle when it comes to naming each of our kids. We constantly disagree all the way till the birth on a name. I would like to stick to a D boy name since I have a David, Dominic, Damien, and ???? Now if it's a girl, since Alexzandra is an A name, same thing, stick to an A girl name. Dave thinks this is stupid and if it's a girl he still wants the name to be Mia Isabella. He has no idea for a boy yet. Mia (Mee-ya) Isabella has been his choice girl name since I was pregnant with Dominic, and he's just waiting for the chance to slap it onto a little baby girl with his last name. I think it's pretty too, but poor Alex was given such a long pretty name, I think if we had a girl she should have something similar. Now I don't usually give out names that I'm thinking of because of the family crap of "what? Why did you choose that? That sounds funny." But the names I've got my mind on so far are the following. And if anyone can think of a D boy name that sounds good with my funk-de-fied last name, shoot 'em at me.

Here's our kids names right now.
Alexzandra Italia
Dominic Izaiah
Damien Izac

Boys- D'mitri, Daniel, Dante
Girls- Arianna, Abrianna, Adrianna

All 3 kids have I middle names so for a girl I want Isabella, for a boy not sure yet but if you know one again that sounds decent with his last name let me know. LOL Of course Dave objects to all my names.


Kristi Ann said...

I love the name Arianna,
it is sooo pretty! I also like Dante...though that sounds sooo mid-evil! :)

Jess said...

I love Adrianna and Daniel!

Colleen said...

I am pretty partial to Alanna...but I think you should honor your husband's wish of Mia Isabella, it is really pretty and might make him just that much more excited if you have a girl.