Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm Pathetic, I Know.

We had our open house yesterday, got the house looking really awesome, then went out to eat at Montana Mikes while we waited. I really really thought for sure we'd have alot of people come through but now we find out only 3 potentials came through and they were all women and didn't even bring their husbands with them. I'm completely bummed by this. I know it's only been on the market for 12 days and we've had 5 people come through in that time which is good but still. There is no way we'll be able to sell this house and get Alexzandra and Dominic in school in time. Enrollment is coming up in 2 weeks. I knew how stressed I got with selling our last house so any stress is my own fault since I decided we should go ahead and do this.

Talking with Dave I asked what we should do if no one acts interested at all. Lower the price by a few thousand? Say screw it and stay here? Mainly I just worry about the kids and school. If it doesn't work out, I guess we'll just stay and try in May next year. We both don't want to rent it out and have to worry about 2 house payments. 12 Days and I'm already turning into a pathetic worrywart.


Kristi Ann said...

well are delaing with a lot of you are entitled to be a worry wart! Brad says we'll buy it if the plants in the back are there! LOL...

Kristi Ann said...


I can spell...really I can!

Hooked on phonics works for meee!!


Mama C-ta said...

I'd be the same way. We really need a bigger house and just the thought of putting it on the market makes me break out into hives. Good luck!