Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Life Stages

I'm an emotional/hormonal mess right now with everything going on in life. I'm either laughing my ass off so much that I start crying, bitching over nothing, or sobbing to a nonsob-able song playing on the radio. The kids have added to this clashing with different things that they are now doing. I'm either super mad at one of them or laughing at something they've done. For Example:

Alexzandra is now at a stage in her life where she is ALWAYS right. Not just some of the time, ALL of the time. Did you know Enzyte is for women? No? Well according to her it is. This one almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard. We've also been blessed with her knowledge on how to drive the car, when to pass, when you are driving to slow, and when to go ahead and turn infront of people. By the end of a car ride with her, you may be hoarse from telling her to shut up.

Dominic is in the hardcore stage called MINE. I'm sure everyone is aware this happens to most kids but Dominic is just a flat out bully. He wants all toys, regardless of who had it first and will push, shove, and hit everyone to get them. I'm constantly giving back toys and yelling at him for hitting Damien. Five minutes later though he may share out of the blue and I'll give him a hug and say thank you.

Damien is at the Everything I do is funny stage. I laugh at him sometimes but anymore I feel like I'm going to beat his little butt if he keeps it up. Don't try falling asleep on the couch as you may get a nice smack in the face with him laughing as he does it. You tell him "No" he laughs. He throws food on the floor laughing because you're saying "no." You may want to always wear shoes in the house because he'll bite your toes when you aren't paying attention either. Then smile and laugh while doing it.

Even though they drive me nuts about 3/4's of the day, I'm glad I have them to keep me on my toes. I love being their Mom.


Colleen said...

They call this the hardest job in the world because it is. Kids wear you out body, mind and soul. Your heart hurts from loving them and from being so angry you could go crazy on them. Hang in there...having all those hormones raging in your body is contributing too! Not to mention the exhaustion at this stage in the pregnancy! *hugs*

Roan said...

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Barkley said...

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