Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy 3rd Anniversary To Me!!

This morning Dave called me on his cell phone to say Happy Anniversary. I. Had. Forgetten. Again. He thought that was great of course. The past 2 years I have forgot. Yep, but I don't feel too awful about it because honestly to me when we got married we just had a small ceremony at the house and signed the paper. To me, we've been married since highschool, April 1994 to be exact when he told Amy to bug off. I actually met Dave around Fall 1992 when I was dating a friend of his. When I first met him he looked like a total thug with the big ol Starter Jacket, baggy jeans, ball cap. I thought he was cute then but we didn't ever show any interest in each other till around July 2003 when we hooked up after seeing each other at the mall. It was short lived as I found out that he lied and was still seeing his girlfriend Amy and I went on a I HATE YOU strike. I glared when I saw him, wouldn't speak to him, Amy yelled crap at me trying to always start fights. Gotta love highschool. Finally we ran into each other in a group of friends, there was no escaping this time so we started to talk, then hang out again, and Amy was not having it even though he had tried to tell her it was over she kept coming around. It took some sneaking around and me trying to beat her ass a zillion times but by April 1994 we were rid of her. She hated us for years but now when we see her we say hi to each other.

I think hooking up with Dave at such a young age really saved me from alot of dramas that could have happened in my life. At 15-16 I was constantly drunk on the weekends, smoking cigs, and my friends and I would try to hook up with much older guys driving sports cars dragging Main Street. Half the time I never knew who's house I was at or where the hell I even was. Once I woke up in a field with friends. Even with Dave I was still having a hard time settleing down though. We got our first apartment at 18, had parties almost nightly, smoked some weed and blamed the smell on the neighbors upstairs. Then we realized wow we're throwing alot of money away with rent (and beer for that matter), we should buy, so we bought our first house at 19 years old. The parties slowed down when we started working full time jobs, then at 22 I got knocked up and had Alexzandra. I guess you could say that's when the adult life kicked in. lol

We only got a few vacations of actually having sex in a hotel room before having kids but ya know, that's ok. I'm happy with life as it is now even though we've contact with alot of close friends who didn't follow our footsteps, that's just life. That's what reunions are for. We've grown so much in the past, our love is completely different than it was back in highschool. Back then I could have moved on if he would have found someone else, now I would say I'd probably die without him. He is my life.


Colleen said...

You are so open about your life online, that takes a lot of guts. Happy anniversary to you!

TL said...

I forget all the time too...I am such a man in that way!

Kristi Ann said...

YAY!! HAPPY 3rd!