Monday, July 24, 2006

Had the most insane weekend ever with how much we had planned. Helped my Mom Saturday morning with a yard sale. Dave's class reunion was Friday night, Saturday Afternoon and Saturday Night plus we also had an open house on Sunday.

The reunion was so boring compared to mine last year. Pretty sad but I guess what I heard from the gal who put it on was that mainly girl classmates signed up and brought their husbands. There weren't many guys (which was about all I would have talked to in his class) that we knew! Our friends showed up from Kansas City. Dave's been friends with David since grade school and after we started popping out kids and they moved, we pretty much lost track of them. They still haven't supposedly started trying for kids which surprises me but Dave says "some people just don't want kids and would rather spend their money in other ways." Uh huh. Well whatever but they couldn't believe we were having a 4th. I told them it was an accident but we're happy as ever about it. We had my grandmother watch the kids for friday nights dinner and told her we'd be back by 10. We were so bored we left at 8:15 and then thought driving around what the hell to do without the kids and couldn't come up with anything so by 9 PM we were home. Same with Saturday, dinner at 7:00 and we were bored and left by 9. We ventured back to my dad's to pick the kids up at 9:45. I feel completely weird being out without the kids since we don't do it often.

Sunday morning I spent cleaning like a madwoman for our open house. We had an older couple show up 15 minutes before it started. I told them we were leaving but the realtor should be there any minute and told them to feel free to walk around outside. It was strange seeing an older couple coming to look at your house but all I care is that someone buys it! I have a good feeling this open house went better since he put directions in the ad this time. I hope he calls today with some feedback. Someone decided to check out our hot tub as the lid was down but unlatched. Ummmm hot tub is NOT coming with the property, sorry peeps. I may leave the $200 swingset, but I'm not leaving the $7200 hot tub.

Last week K and K's mom told me that she's going to have our old daycare provider provide care to her kids after we move or possibly before we even get an offer on the house. This provider is the one that lives down the street from me and when I would have to be off, I'd have her ask the lady if she could watch her kids for the day. Well apparently Diann is going to make room for her 2 girls even though I'm pretty positive she's running more than her legal limit of kids down there. Once we get an offer on our place I'm sure I won't be bugged by this but for now I'm a bit pissed. K and K's mom already asked if she should go ahead and transfer the kids down there or if I wanted her to wait and I told her to wait. I'm sure Diann probably told her that she needed to start them right away or something. Dave says if they leave and we haven't moved it's no big deal but for some reason I'm bothered by it. I've had people calling for daycare and once I tell them that I can do care now but our house is on the market, they are completely turned off. We don't need the money but it's always nice to have extra I guess, plus I'm wanting to save up all the money I can for the birth of this baby on the way. I don't see me doing daycare for atleast 3 months after we possibly move since the paperwork from the state can take that long to get back. I'm starting to feel like maybe this moving thing was a bad idea. School enrollment is in 1 week now.


Adam's Mom said...

where do you get all your energy from? you do more in an hour than I do in a day! You are such an amazing person!!!

Kristi Ann said...

You go girl! Damn!