Thursday, July 06, 2006

How Do People Do This?!?!?!

I'm a bit sad, anxious, and overwhelmed with how this is all going to go with our house. I woke my happy ass up at 6:15 yesterday morning and thought, "the realtor's taking pictures today! I gotta get to cleaning!" That was the plan atleast, the fact is, it didn't happen that way. The kids woke up at 7:00 and Damien woke up completely soaked since we just threw him in bed after coming home from the fireworks last night. They all 3 were hungry little pigs so I fed them and rushed them to the front room as I started running the marathon of house cleaning. I used to be a perfectionist with house cleaning till the kids came along but now I realize I'm beat. There's no way to have a perfectly spotless house with kids but my brain still doesn't quite register that well. If anyone plans to come over, I need a notice and if I don't get a notice well I'm probably only going to keep you in the frontroom which I clean about 10 times a day so it's usually clean. If it's messy and you arrive without a notice I will talk and clean while you sit.

For the most part, I got our room cleaned except I threw junk on the bed and now I'm afraid he snapped that in the picture he took.

Damien and Dominic's rooms looked probably the best in the house.
Ok well I think the kitchen looked pretty good except for the floor grout needs scrubbed. I hate Grout!
The frontroom picture will probably look like this. I was so sad because the kids had drug out all this junk and I had just cleaned it maybe 30 minutes before he showed up. Notice all the pillows are ON the floor instead of ON the couch. I'm about to burn all the pillows to both couch sets.

Alex's room was a wreck. I hadn't got to it yet. She tried cleaning it. Tried. Her bedspread is hanging off the bed. Ugh. This is going to suck cleaning everyday after these 3.

If he got a pic of family room in the basement there's Alex's toys laying around. I need to just sell off all the toys and I should be ok. lol

The sign is in the yard, we're ready to go. I looked at 2 more houses and back at another that I really like. All 3 are on the water. We plan to do wrought iron at whatever house we get to utilize all our yard space since it will be tiny compared to what we have now and so the kids don't drown. Dominic would be so hard to keep out of the water so gates will be padlocked. lol


Kristi Ann said...

I think you did a great job! It all looked great! PLUS I know how hard it can be cleaning up after 2 kids (well, 3 if you count Brad LOL) I can't imagine 3 (maybe 4 with your DH) It would be impossible! You go girl though! Love Alex's room! Wish Ihad half that stiff as a youngun'~ LOL

Sara said...

I dunno if this helps but my best friends family had to do this when they sold their house. Remove a lot of furniture. Obviously keep the house comfortable but rearranging so things look bigger helps you sell. I know impossible with a bucnh of kids but just a suggestion.