Thursday, July 27, 2006

It's His Way or No Way

Now that Damien is starting to walk all over, we're starting to see more of the toddler side to him. NO means absolutely nothing to him, he laughs. He mimics everything so if you burp, he's going to try to burp too. The biggest thing we've noticed lately is that he isn't going to take anyone's shit. If he's watching TV and you're in his way he's going to get mad and push you out of his way. Take his toy and he's going to take it back. If he just wants what they have, he'll climb over whichever kid pulling hair or pinching and take it away. If the kids are eating something in the front room and he wants it, say a poptart, he's going to come rip it out of their hands and crawl away. I think alot of this is coming from being pushed around as a baby by Dominic and now he's not taking the crap anymore. He realizes what the other kids have done in the past to get their way so now he's figuring out how to get his. Smart little guy.

Along with turning into a pushy, aggressive little toddler he's learning other things to get his way. Such as
  • Beating on the Bathroom door whining to get me out of there.
  • Throwing food at me that he doesn't want and screaming till I figure out what he does want.
  • Hitting my legs if I'm sitting on the couch for me to pick him up
  • As soon as he wakes in the morning he instantly starts to scream at the top of his lungs to get me to hurry and he knows I will because the other two are usually still asleep.
  • If you feed him let's say Ice Cream, and it's gone, he'll scream and kick for more. There usually is no end till he's had so much that he just can't possibly eat anymore. He ate about 2 cups or so of Sherbet the other day due to this.

Even though he's a pain in the butt now, he's still cute, and we still love him. Although we hope he eventually understands NO and that he can't hit, pinch, pull, and climb to get his way on everything. Or play with dog toys and get away with it like he is in this picture.


Adam's Mom said...

I had to look twice at that pictor because he looks so much like Damien Crazy! I hope he learns no soon! Adam always manages to scoot himself to the plant and I tell him no and he looks at me, smiles and keeps pull off leaves little monkey! Damien's such a cutie (as are Alex and Dominic too!)

catbird said...

Ahhh, something to look forward to. Sofia already has blatant disregard for the word "no". Whatever she's doing, if I tell her no, she does it more.