Friday, July 28, 2006

I Was Coming Here To Complain But..........

I just got done watching Oprah. OMG someone please shoot me now! This time it was about how people are trying to survive living off minimum wage or close to it. They showed a woman with 4 kids who's husband worked making only $9.50 for their family and how they were drowning in debt. I can't even imagine trying to live off $17,000 a year with a family of 6!

So my complaint and rant today was going to be my own financial situation. I'm not really stressed or anything on the fact that I won't be doing daycare for a few months. I guess I'm just feeling rather hurt and ran over that just because our house is on the market, the 2 mothers have already made arrangements for other care. L's mom says she can stay here till we are ready to leave. K and K's mom has pretty much asked if she can go ahead and move the kids "unless I need the money." I don't NEED her money, but it is nice to have money without getting the 3rd degree from Dave on it. I usually make anywhere from $500-800 doing daycare and it's MY money, I can do whatever with it (although I just said a few weeks ago I was saving. lol) Another thing is, she's sending the kids to the provider down the street, my old provider and I'll just feel strange still living here and having the kids I watched for 2 yrs going down the street. It'd be different if my house was sold and I was moving. If that makes any sense.

Going back to Oprah, I guess I never really thought about the "what ifs." If Dave ever lost his job, I might say unless I was doing some serious daycare again, we'd be freakin screwed. Not just alittle but alot. Here we are now living pretty much on one income and looking at houses that we'll have $1400.00 mortgage payment on. If we were living on $10 a hour, that would basically pay the housepayment. Where would the money for food, bills, gas, and a car payment come from?? After their breakdown of yearly grosses and what they really equal out to be, I did it on Dave's and it equals out to be about $26 a hour. In my mind for how we live now, I'd say that's enough for our family with me not working. We've never struggled with money, ever and have pretty much agreed to never fight over finances since we know way too many people who have divorced over money.

In a way though, you have to think if someone is supporting a family on just $9.50 a hour, have they really tried that hard to find something better or maybe even picking up a 2nd job if you have a 2 parent family. I've always told Dave if money was an issue for us, I'd go get a job at Walmart working grave yard shift. It was kind of a joke back then when I first started staying home after we had Dominic, he had just started working his current job and we didn't know how much he was going to be bringing home except for a base salary and commission but who knew how much that could be. Even though he makes decent money, we still pay $450 a month for health insurance or $5,400 a year out of his income. Owww. Maybe instead of moving to the city, we should be moving to Canada.

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