Saturday, July 29, 2006

Google: Ya Just Gotta Love It.

Here are my most recent searches that have landed people here on this site, I'll try to help them out. lol

  • Breastfeeding And Smelly Farts- Yeah, I do think my kids had pretty smelly farts when I breastfed too. Maybe cut back on the onion??
  • Minature Rottweiler- They do exist! I have the ugliest looking one ever but he'll knaw you to pieces if he doesn't know ya and he is the king. Thus the name Ceasar.
  • Supernanny Car?? That car is called a Mini Cooper. I only know that because they're all over the place here in Kansas.
  • What Name Sounds Like Izaiah?- I don't think there are any names that rhyme with that. Good luck!
  • Supernanny Schedule chart- You need to go to Chart Jungle!!
  • "throwing up" stomach bug- If you have kids, this will happen about 4-6 times a year in your house there really is no avoiding it. I suggest tons of Vitamin C foods and vitamins to try and deter it from hitting everyone. Sometimes it works for us.
  • poltergeist videos- I hated that movie. Sorry I can't help you.
  • Omnicef and Kid's behavior- Since we seem to have a problem with Amoxicillin not working after 10 days with ear infections, we use alot of Omincef. The only thing I've noticed is poop turns a different color and sometimes the kids get the squirts! UGH. We haven't noticed any weird behavior issues.
  • Boob Pains in Pregnancy- yeah, your boobs will hurt when pregnant! They will also grow the size of Cantalopes. Hang in there.
  • Quiet Kids- Is there a such thing?? If so I wish I had some! I've heard that duct tape works well but that'll probably get ya arrested so I don't suggest trying that one. Usually when I feed the kids ice cream they're pretty quiet. I guess you could try that on a regular basis.
  • My Child Hates Me- Sometimes I feel like that too! I think everyone Mom or Dad does when you disipline. You could always spoil him/her to death to get around feeling that way. Good luck!
  • Fucked My Bestfriend's Mom- You sicko!!! How old are you????

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