Monday, July 31, 2006

What the Heck??

We just can't win on this house buying process. We find anything we like, and it either sells or we find something wrong. We've now settled on 3 different school districts and are looking for the perfect house in one of them. This sucks. After 3 open houses this weekend, we found another that we think may work (the above picture) BUT then I went to the city website and found something about a flood plain. Come to find out, this 'burb is in a flood zone and you have to buy insurance or something from the city? I'm going to ask our realtor more about it but it must not be that big of an issue because there are so many nice new houses in this area. This house I could possibly see as it IF we find out about the busing to the schools. I have to have busing for the kids.

While visiting the open houses this weekend, we discovered that Dominic has found another little phrase he enjoys, "what the heck?" His language is approving day to day and this you can understand plain as day. The first time he said it when looking in a jacuzzi tub and Dave and I looked at each other weirded out by it. The 2nd was a few minutes later going down the stairs to the basement. There was a 3rd, 4th, 5th, and possibly a 6th while venturing through the houses. Then there was one this morning when I gave him a cut up cinnamon roll for breakfast and another while watching Wonder Pets on TV. Alex started doing this awhile back, this phrase is possibly my fault I'll admit but she says it like I do, catching myself before I say anything bad. She'd see something at the store and say "What the...." which is how I say it. We haven't determined where Dominic got heck from. In other news Damien has discovered how to snort like a pig with his nose wrinkled up. He has also learned this is a good way to flirt when at the stores and gets everyone's attention.

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