Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Again I ask, Any Volunteers???

If you know me, you know I absolutely can not stand getting the kids their shots, blood taken, Xrays, etc. Well I got out of this vein blood draw tomorrow but I know Dave isn't looking forward to it but it's better for him to do it because I'll start bawling I'm sure. All 3 kids will be going with their daddy tomorrow and for traumatic blood draws on their lead levels. Nice eh?

The library? Still hasn't called and it's noon. As you can tell, this was high on the Assistant Directors agenda. If I don't hear anything by 5, I'm letting Dave call the newspaper in town. This isn't just my kids we're talking about, we're talking about a good 200 kids or so that attended this carnival they put on. They should ATLEAST have the knowledge that a toy with high lead levels needs to be posted in the paper, not just on their stupid door or where you check out the library books. I just can't go to the library because of how loud and crazy Dominic acts. Just not a good place for him so I would have never have known except for through Google. The kids play with these things daily. One problem though, the cat Damien loves, is missing. Below are 3 that I found, I can't find the cat with the brown stripes.

Yeah, like the plastic ziploc sacks?? I'm not taking any chances touching those things. lol The more researching I did last night I found that these toys were actually recalled a year ago and then somehow this Wisconsin company bought them. A hospital worker was at a library function and saw them being handed out and remembered a year ago they had a sick kid that was contaminated from the toys. That's how the recall started AGAIN. Why some company was buying toys recalled over a year ago, who knows.

The Health Department woman is going to post some fliers around there, I'm not sure if they'll put it in the paper. They called me back a bit ago and told me what they'll do when they come to the house. We're almost certain that they'll be coming since Damien just had the cat in his mouth a few days ago. They were quite shocked that they hadn't heard anything thing of it and were quite happy I brought it to their attention.

One thing I'd like to pass on is even if you have a newer house, get your kiddo tested. Obviously after finding out today about sidewalk chalk, Dollar Tree toys, and necklaces sold in stores that contained high lead, I think alot of parents just don't have an idea that toys can be harmful in other ways than just a choking or strangulation hazard. This whole ordeal has not been fun and Damien will probably have this lead in his system for 2 months according to the health department.


Myamommy said...

Holy Crap Sabrina! I can't believe what happened. Thankfully you found the source of the lead. I think you should seriously consider contacting some legal representation or something. What a scare! I hope you guys are doing ok~

Adam's Mom said...

I still can't believe that! And to think the library knew and simply posted a small note! That is just ridiculous! You should go on the news - your 15 minutes of fame LOL
PS Damien is so cute! I love that picture!