Thursday, August 31, 2006

Can You Believe This???

Baby at 20 Weeks and 3 days

Well the sono went well yesterday and we're having a GIRL!!!! Oh My! I had told the sono tech (I've known her forever) that I wanted to guess first since I'm getting pretty good at this. lol Looked, gasped and said "no way, it's a girl!" She said "yep!" I've still had a hard time believing there's anything in there because I just don't feel much. Just something maybe 5 times a day. I think Dave and I are both shocked because I haven't been sick or anything so I was so sure it was a boy. But instead I'll get another one of these! Alexzandra at about 4 weeks old
Alex was born with a huge amount of hair as you can tell so I would imagine the same for this little girl. I have to go through the baby clothes and see what we have going on there. Since Alex was our first, and totally spoiled by grandparents, she had so many clothes and we didn't really understand about spit up stains and such so she's got some pretty yellow things that I need to toss. Dominic on the other hand, I had wised up and bought only dark clothes so nothing was ruined.
In other news, yesterday Dave took the kids in for their lead screenings. He said it actually went rather well. Alex went first and told Dominic she was a big girl and not going to cry and she didn't! Dominic watched them take her blood from her arm and then jumped right up to the chair for his turn and threw his arm across the padded board. Dave said his eyes were just glued to watching the needle go in and the vile filling with blood. Fine and dandy till she tried wrapping his arm with a cotton ball and Coban (sp?) THEN he started to freak. He just wanted a bandaid though. Damien freaked the whole time and the kids said he just screamed and screamed while they put that tube in his arm. We'll find out in a week what Damien's level reads this time and if the other two played with the toys enough that they have it in their system too.
I did talk to the Asst Director at the library Tuesday at about 3 PM. She called and was just so oblivious to what harm could POSSIBLY be done by sucking on some toys with lead in them. You could tell she was old, she could care less honestly. That's the impression I got but she asked me to "please keep them posted." As for Dave, he called a local news station and they went to the library after I spoke to her questioning her about the toys and if she knew about Damien. We asked them not to list our names but rather get the animals on the news so people could see that they were dangerous. They are saying that Damien could be the first case of lead poisioning from the toys. He's had the 4 of them since June 9th. BUT according to the library lady "we were told by the company a child would have to eat 25 toys to have any affect or get sick." referring to the recall letter they received. Thankfully we have lived here the past 5 years and the other 2 kids at 1 year old had perfectly fine lead screenings, no concerns at all SO the health department when they get ahold of me next week will know that it's not the house. I talked to them Wednesday, gave them the msnbc website with the pictures and they couldn't believe they hadn't heard of this yet or that our stupid library hadn't called them. I told them the libarary had no intentions on putting anything in the paper for parents of kids with the toys to notice it. They said they did their part by putting up fliers in the library. Whatever. So now we wait for 6-7 days till the results come back.
When I was at my Dr I didn't say anything about the lead because I'm going to see what the kids screenings show first. I did however ask her about this rash I've developed the past few days and the painful vericose veins. On the veins she says again to buy the support hose and supposedly the pain will go away while wearing them. On the rash, she says it's not pregnancy related. I can't think of anything new I've been into or bought lately. I've got it on both arms, both boobs, my right side of my neck and shoulder and my right cheek is so red and swollen it looks bad unless I put on tons of makeup. I feel like I have paralaysis when I talk today. What is wrong with me?!?!?! I'm allergic to certain herbs but I haven't had any lately that would be new to my system. I hope it goes away very soon because I'm tired of itching!


Kristi Ann said...

Whoooo Hooooo!!!! I know that WONDERFUL feeling you get when you find out you are getting what you hoped you would!! Alex was sooo cute too!! I hadnt seen her as a baby!! You have such cute kids!

Grrr to the library...I cant believe they are being so blase about it. I hope everything turns out fine for the screenings!


Adam's Mom said...

I am so excited (and jealous) YAY for another girl!

Don't throw away the stained yellow clothes - first try Shout Gel (about $4 at WalMart) I used it on some second hand clothes, scrubbed it in, let it sit, then washed in hot and VOILA! it came right out!

Sara said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!! A GIRL!!!!!!!!! How fun after two boys to have another girl! Congratulations!

I can't believe that about the lead poisoning. Yikes!!

By the way, I love the baby pic of Alex. :)


Kirsten said...

So excited for you!! A little girl to round out your family! Hurray!

Jess said...

Congrats on your new girl!!!!

Alex really did have a lot of hair when she was born! :-)

Lucia's Mom said...

OMG!!! I'm so excited you are having a girl! Girls are great.

You should tell the March girls!

Shana said...

Oh my gosh, that is SO wonderful! Congratulationss on your girl!!!