Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lead Test Results

The Dr's office called me yesterday afternoon and gave me the results of the 3 lead tests that the kids did on Wednesday. They didn't want us freaking out all weekend long. Get this.....Dominic, Alexzandra and Damien's all came back at 1, which means very little exposure to lead. What a freakin relief! Last friday, Damien's lead level was 35. At a year old it should be 5 or less. So if you remember me saying that I caught Damien with that cat in his mouth and took it away because I had saw K with it earlier in her mouth, well the office is thinking that, THAT was the day we had him tested so he had lead on his hand and fresh in his mouth so it looked as if he had high lead levels. I know it was one day last week when I had the girls and it may have been friday I'm not sure. I was quite shocked that just like that it was gone after brief exposure. Those toys were in the daycare toys toybox so I had seen him and the others playing with them every once in a while and I'll admit I'm not that great about remembering to wash the kids hands before we eat. Obviously I had done it enough though that he must not have gotten much in his system except for that one day. So I'm super happy about this.

Alex is excited as ever that she's getting a baby sister. Dominic, who knows if he gets it or not. He was saying he wanted a sister but I don't think he understands that there is a baby in my stomach. I still have this rash or hives whichever. It's annoying and I'm tired of looking like this! My right body is mainly affected. My face is swollen on that side, my neck is red with patches, my boobs are totally covered, my right hip, butt cheek and my C section scar is all covered in this crap and I itch like a mutha f'er. I'm trying so hard to not itch and it's killing me. We hope this pillow sham was the cause since the rash started after I began using this other pillow as a pregnancy pillow. If it's not, I'm in trouble because 2 days without the pillow now and it's gotten worse. I was told it could take a whole week for the full effect of the rash and then another week for it to start clearing. I haven't left the house since Tuesday when it began. Say a big prayer that I'm back to normal soon. I am so miserable!!!

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Kristi Ann said...

Yuck to that rash!! It sounds SOOO miserable!! sounds like McKayla and Damien are on the same page. McKayla's new thing is to smack people in teh face when they hold her. I HATE it! And it's embarrassing when she does it to other people.

Hope you can get ou tof the hosue soon....I would go STIR CRAZY!!