Sunday, September 03, 2006

I'm Dying

Right Side and part of my back
My neck and shoulder
Top of my leg
The Inside of my arm
Dave is afraid of me, he won't even come near. Nice. So if I ever had something disfiguring and permanant happen to me, I assume he'd leave me. :( I told him I feel like I'm dying a slow and painful death. This sucks. Can someone assure me this is NOT pregnancy related? If it is I don't think I could handle this till the end of the year. I'm hoping I just got into something I shouldn't have.


Kristi Ann said...

Oh my GOODNESS!! They look PAINFUL!! Looks like hives though. Maybe even type 2. Which is what they called Sammy's when he had a reaction from Amoxocillian. It's hives on hives. I cant even imagine how miserable you are. I would recommend taking a cool bath with baking you have time for a bath! lol

I will be sending *healthy thoughts* your way!

Adam's Mom said...

Holy Shit! You described it but I never expected to see THAT OUCH!!!!

Sabrina said...

Kristi Ann- Yeah it is painful, it burns like crazy!! Around here I could only dream of a bath. I may try one tonight after the kids go to bed around 9. I haven't heard of doing anything with Baking Soda. What's that about?

I have found some relief. I feel awful taking meds pregnant but I guess I have no choice. I'm taking 2 Benadryl every 6 hours. Eucerin and Gold Bond Triple Action Lotions, Aquaphor jel, Benadryl Cream, and Vasaline Intesive Care lotion!! I am so greasy!! My dad came over and said my face looks alot better so that was good to hear. My cheek atleast isn't meeting my eye now!! LOL

ks said...

What has your dermatoligist(sp.)said? kat

Sara said...

Sabrina, OH MY GOODNESS. I think you need to go to a dermatologist, ASAP. That looks awful, and it sounds like your doctor is not being helpful...and that's an understatement. Oh my. I feel bad for you!!!



Sabrina said...

Sheri- I told you I look awful! Dave is just flat disgusted. His looks make me think he's going to throw up. Be glad I didn't post the pics of my boobs and butt. They look even worse than these pics.

ks and Sara- actually I haven't went to my Dr yet. It started Tuesday. I told my dh that I had a few bumps on my arms and that my right cheek looked a bit red. He agreed on my cheek but it wasn't anything makeup wouldn't cover. By Wednesday I was like "whoa" and started wracking my brain on what I could have gotten into since I do break out if I get certain things on my skin. My mom bugged me about going to the Dr on Friday since they wouldn't be opened till Tuesday but being pregnant I knew he would just suggest at home remedies. I swear if I'm not getting any better by Tuesday I AM GOING TO THE DR. My body is nearly covered except below my knees. I think it's just contact dermatitis but the way I look now. Who knows!

rach said...

Sabrina, go to the DOCTOR! bathe in baking soda. You will feel SO much better!!!!!!!!! dump a whole carton in the bath!!!!!

Shana said...

I think maybe PUPPP? Whatever it is, it looks AWFUL.

I hope you find some relief really soon.