Monday, August 21, 2006

Dominic Goes Back To School

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Well Dominic is back to school. Ahhhhhh! I went in his room at 7:00 and happily announced the special day.

Me: Dominic, Dominic guess what today is......

Dominic: (still half asleep) NO.

Me: Dominic remember where you get to go this morning?

Dominic: Go 'way.

Me: Awww. But Dominic Colleen will be here in alittle bit to pick you up.

Dominic: No. No Bus.

Me: She'll be sad if you don't get on her bus and go to school though. Don't you want to go to school?

Dominic: No. No School. Dominic Sleep.

Me: Ok fine I'll just call the school and tell them you don't want to go.

Zooooom! He jumped straight up out of bed and flew to the front room. The little stinker wants to go to school he's just trying to be a pain and act like he doesn't. I got him a toaster strudel cut up with the most requested Superman Emblem painted on it, a banana and some milk and he chowed down talking about school and the bus. Then we got dressed and waited for 30 minutes till the bus showed up at 8:00. He was super excited looking outside the window, checking out the front door. We've been getting a bunch of rain FINALLY so I carried him to the bus so we wouldn't get his new shoes that he loves dirty. So I didn't get a pic of him running to the bus but that's ok.

So this morning has been REALLY different. I've got the 2 girls and Damien. After next week when K goes to preschool, I'll just have her sister and Damien in the mornings and Dominic returns around 12. I've decided that until we figure what's going to happen with our house situation, I'm not going to worry about taking new daycare kids. The house for sale is just a big turn off to parents. We have decided though if the house doesn't sell by September 5th, we'll take it off the market and wait till around April 15th (1 mth before school ends) to list it again. I am just not wanting to do anything during the school year. We have 2 different PTO's we participate in, gymnastics, Brownies, and other things. I think a switch during the school year will be hard on the kids too especially with Dominic.

Last of all, I leave you with this side angle of my fat gut at 19 weeks with my zebra stripes and all. I have Alexzandra to thank for the 100's of stretch marks all over my gut and hips. Oh yes, the Kokepelli in my bathroom that I put up right after our miscarriage hoping the Fertility Gods would help me get pregnant quick with Damien? Gots to come down. As soon as this baby comes out. Down. They have done their job. I think having 8 of them on the wall, a rug on the floor, the towels on the racks with them, the shower curtain covered in them and the toothbrush holder with one it it too was enough to blast anyone with fertility that walks into my bathroom. Hope everyone is having a great morning!

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Jess said...

How cute about Dominic wanting to go to school but faking like he didn't!!

I love your preggo belly! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy of yours is going! Almost halfway done now. :-)

Kristi Ann said...

Holy Moly...where is time going??? I cant believe you are HLAFWAY already! And I think your belly looks great!
Dominic is too funny....Sammy and him would get along great i think! Sammy has ENDLESS energy! YAY! for school~!

Rhonda said...

Halfway.... time does fly. You look great!

Too funny about school. :)

Adam's Mom said...

Dominic is such a little stinker - what a cutie!

How can you be half way already? WOW!!! My pregnancy didn't go that fast! Can't wait for the sono