Friday, August 18, 2006

Give Him A Beat, And There Goes His Feet!

Damien has finally mastered walking at 13 months old. He still crawls around quite a bit but he is offically a walking toddler. I'm not sad at all because with another on the way, I wanted him to be more of an independent little guy than hugging on my legs and having me hold him constantly. A few bad notes about the walking though are now when he sees me putting on my shoes or grabbing my keys he runs crying hysterically because he knows I'm leaving him with Daddy and also since he walks now he goes cabinet to cabinet alot quicker dragging out my pots, pans, and cookbooks.

I love it though and now he's incorporated walking into his dance routine. He's went from the chicken peck dance (where he bows constantly forward over and over since he doesn't bend his knees) to running around the front room and trying to manuever in circles at a high rate of speed. Here's alittle video of his new dance technique.

Walking has definitely made him a happier little boy. You can tell he feels like the other two now, a big kid. lol When there's a daddy dogpile, not just Alex and Dominic run to tackle daddy on the floor, Damien is there too giggling and piling on his back. He also loves that he can walk around outside now like a big kid instead of me carrying him everywhere.


Adam's Mom said...

Sooo cute! I can't wait for what's ahead with Adam! I feel like every day is something to look forward to!

jess said...