Thursday, August 17, 2006

Could I Have Your Trash Please??

Now that school has started back, the schools will soon be asking for Box Tops and Cambell's labels during the year. Every year I ask around this time if anyone has some they'd like to donate. Unless you have kids in school and know what I'm talking about, you probably just throw these things away without even thinking about it. Do you eat Toaster Strudels, Pillsbury rolls, Campbell's Soup or Hamburger Helper? They're on there if you go through your cabinets. What they potentially are, is free money to schools to use in any way they need. Being in the PTO's at both schools, you learn the "wishlists" are huge but the money is just not there to buy new library books, toys or new playground equipment, or even extra clothes for the kids who have accidents. The Box Tops and Campbell's labels are how they get this stuff. It works like this. Cut off the label or Box Top, give it to the school and it equals $$$$.

Box Tops for Education = .10 each. These are some of the items they are found on.

Campbell's Labels for Education= points. I'm not sure how it works but here's what they are on.
Here's a demo on how to find them on their products. With Boxtops you can easily find them and cut the square box off.

If you don't have any kids in school and want to try helping us, email me and I'll give you our address to help. You could probably cram a ton of box tops in an envelope for .39. Maybe 6-8 campbell's labels for the same price. The kids will be extra happy because they have contests on who can collect the most they usually have a class pizza party or something. The kids love sending and receiving mail so if you do happen to send any, I'll have the kids send back a Kansas postcard from them saying Thank You.


Rhonda said...

Z starts school on the 29th. If her school is not collecting them, I will gladly send them along!

Kristi Ann said...

Hey there- Send me your address...I had been saving a few..pulling them off for the hang of it..figuring SOMEONE used them. I'll send them to you! I already have quite a few.

Jenn said...

That is wonderful! I've often clipped them out, then thrown them away months later because I don't know anyone that can use them. I would be thrilled to send them to your kids (and their schools) until I have kids of my own in school.

Jen P said...

I will start saving when I can!

Jess said...

I just noticed these things on the bottom of my Kleenex boxes and then saw this post! I will start collecting them and send them along to you!