Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm feeling a bit better this morning, praying to be on the mend! Ugh! So frustrating. I went to the Dr yesterday and he's pretty sure it's just my allergies. I failed to mention I do get allergies a few times a year but this was the worst ever. He called up one of the allergists since I was pregnant on what I could take. They put me on Rhinocort Aqua to squirt up my nose 2 times a day since it's strictly nasal and won't go in my blood stream or any of that and Cefaclor (antibiotic) since all that pressure put water in my ear that could lead to an ear infection soon. What a pain in the ass being pregnant and sick trying to get meds. Damn the baby. lol He told me I should notice a nasal difference today which I do and I should be completely unstuffed in the next few days.

Dave had a dream about the baby the other night. He said something happened where I was completely out of it and he had to sign papers so he named the baby Mia Isabella, his girl name. After bickering for years on this name, I freakin give. If it's a girl YES it will be Mia, just to please him. Also if it's a girl, he's D.O.N.E. because he's gotten his little Italian Princess name that he's had picked out forever but couldn't have because I don't think the name would have fit either of the boys. lol I wonder if it means anything if the Dad is dreaming it's a girl?? Could we possibly get a girl this time?? Seriously I just might not believe it if they told me in 2 weeks we're having a girl. And if it's another boy, I'll do more comforting to Alexzandra than myself. The poor kid will be a bawling mess because she wants a sister but got 2 brothers instead.

I also finally uploaded some pics from July, Damien's birthday, T ball and such. There's more at Flickr if you click them.

Whack that ball! That's my girl!

Alex playing T-ball

Damien tired of being in the stroller, begging me to let him out.

At the Game

Firework Tattoos for 4th of July

Firework Tatoos

Damien loves these Road Ripper vehicles that make noises and drive themselves

Damien loves his trucks

Riding Ponies at the 4th of July Carnival

Kids riding ponies



Adam's Mom said...

I love that name! Although, to stick with the Z thing, the middle name has to be spelt Izabella LOL

Kristi Ann said...

I agree with Sheri! Use the "Z"
Your pics are too cute...
Alex looks like such a punk rocker int hat one shot with the attitude on her face! LOl I wouldnt mess with her! :) Damien is a doll baby as usual! And Dominic...well he is just a little/big cutie petootie!