Monday, August 14, 2006

How Many Days Have I Complained About Being Sick Now?

I'm completely stuffed up once again. I actually slept pretty decent last night since I used a steam vaporizer with Vics. Dave on the other hand said he slept like crap because he was hot. I am so sick of being sick. If this is just allergies, I am screwed for the next few months till it gets extremely cold but if it's a cold or whatever I wish it would PLEASE PASS.

I always save Sunday as my big weekly Walmart trip because I've got my coupons and huge list complied for the week. The trip took nearly 2 hours since this was the last trip before school starts. I bought Alex some cute tops and a whole slew of different items for packing her lunches. School lunches are $2 a day and she just doesn't like everything they serve so instead of her wasting it, I make her lunches at a portion of that price. I tried to buy a wide variety as I don't want to bore her with the same things over and over.

Feeling completely awful Dave had this great idea of stopping by Starbucks since he had a giftcard after our trip to Walmart. I never go there since I hate coffee. I can't stand it, and I would imagine I'm the only Stay at Home Mom that doesn't drink it. They did have some other stuff though like Cocoa and Cider. When I saw Carmel Apple Cider though I just HAD to try it so I got a Tall (which looked like a small McDonald's cup!) and tried to drink it although I had been having a hard time tasting anything since that sense is gone at the moment but when I could taste, it was so freakin yummy that I believe I'll be going back daily to Starbucks for Carmel Apple Ciders!!! It was SOOOOO good! Even Damien was batting at me for more everytime I gave him a sip. YUM!

After all the Walmart madness and such we came home and got the kids fed and ready for bed. Dominic had been a real pain in the ass all day. I'm not kidding when I say we probably yelled at him about 75 times about something every few minutes. By 9 O clock and having no nap for the day, he was jumping off the arms of the couch, jumping all over David laying on the couch, hitting Damien and beating up on Alex. No matter how many times we'd say "no" he just kept doing all these things over and over. I'm at my wits end with him right now. I hope school starting for him next week will get him back on track but in all honesty I still think he's a potential ADHD canidate. He has all the classic symtoms of it and I wish I could just go get him tested and find out but I'm afraid they'll still say it's too soon. The whole "he's just being a boy" line that I hear from everyone is just annoying and old. Perhaps he does just get away with murder here. He does act great for my mom and grandma for the most part. From what his teacher said last year though as he settled into the routine and into having his teachers, then that's when he started acting up and getting put in timeout. He isn't with my parents, inlaws, or anyone else enough. Just me, Momma who he smacks, yells at, and disobeys all day long so he can get his way.

When I got the kids to bed I finally had some time to relax before cleaning the house for the night, then Damien awoke and started screaming because he lost his binkie. I went back to his room to help him and bending over the crib, the baby kicked. Reality hit. I about broke down. I'm seriously going to have 2 kids on binkies in a few months, 1 child who refuses to poop on the toilet and still wears diapers and doesn't understand his rough play hurts his brother and then Alex who is constantly fighting with Dominic over everything or taunting about something on purpose. I could possibly have a heart attack next year. I'm sure my hair will be completely gray by the time I deliver. I think I may be screwed. lol


Kristi Ann said...

LOL! Poor thing!! You know it's funny. Sammy had oneof those days this weekend as well. I think the only time we communicated was me yellinmg at him or putting his nose on the wall. He kept pushing Kayla down..or bonking her..or throwing things...the list goes on! If it helps...I can relate!

Kirsten said...

I hope you feel better soon!! I know what you mean about the CAC at Starbucks...I drank one daily when preggo with Goldie

Deanne said...

Hang in there girl! :)I hope you feel better soon.

Rhonda said...

I hope you start feeling better. You are going to be just fine when the baby comes. You can handle it!

As for Starbucks, I never go either. I HATE coffee. I have had the carmel apple cider a couple times when I could not avoid meeting friends there. It is REALLY yummy!!! All the other mommies here love Starbucks and that is a frequent mommy meeting place.