Tuesday, August 22, 2006

May have a new job! We'll see!!

Dave and I had a discussion last night on where my brain has went. So much for calling my referral agency and stopping my daycare leads. lol I got a call last night from a mom getting divorced, needs care for her 3 kiddos that attend the same school as Alex before school. I warned her about my house being on the market but she was ok with it. The only flaw of this job is it's at 5:45 AM! UGH!!!!! I think I'll be ok because I usually wake around 5:30 anyways then kinda come and go till about 6:30 when my alarm goes off. I'll get paid for feeding them breakfast from the State and getting them on the bus at 7:15. How cool is that!!!! The only thing I pray is that she isn't getting any Social Service help. If so that means I'll have to file paperwork again for that to get paid my daycare from the State but that's ok. It'd be $40 a week ($8 a morning) That's the easiest cash ever! So hopefully she gets this job, this all depends on if she gets a job. If this works, Dave's mom will regret wanting to come stay at our place for 2 weeks in September. HAHAHAHA! Yeah be ready for my crying, whining, bitching around mid September and then rejoicing when she leaves.

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