Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last night we did some remodeling to our bedroom. It's become pretty apparent to me that the house is just not going to sell at the moment and with the kids now in school, I just want to take the stupid thing off the market but Dave is being a real about it wanting to wait. If the house got a contract today, we could be moving when I'm 24-28 weeks pregnant. That's getting too close to me. So, because I'm pretty sure we're going to be staying here till next year, I wanted to move our chest infront of our bed and have this wall open by the door for where the baby cradle or pack n play bassinet (haven't decided) will be when we bring the babe home. I'm going to keep this one in our room for awhile then move them in with Damien. I'm just really worried about putting Damien in with Dominic at the moment since he can be so aggressive and mean. I think putting the babies together would work better. After moving our heavy Ashley Furniture around in our bedroom, I've feeling alittle SORE this morning. Oh it sucked. First we tried to lift the chest over the bed since the dresser was in the way. The thing is the size of an Armoire but I could only lift it about 36 inches which is the same height AS the bed so obviously I couldn't just lift it over. So then we moved the dresser and the mirror was wobbling which was pretty frightening. Finally though, we completed our mission and I got everything back in order. I've been nesting OBVIOUSLY. I also completed a remodel on our unfinished basement laundry/storage room during naptime the past 2 days. Bought some organizers, labeled them and some boxes. Cleaned and dusted, got rid of spiderwebs, etc.

Last night after moving all the junk in the bedroom around, I watched Scarbourgh Country and OMG it was hilarious. They were talking about how people really think Bush is giving us a bad image as Americans with his speech and language skills. I'm guessing they played about 40 clips of his language errors. Anyways I had just bought this shirt for Damien the other day and I wish I could send it to their show. HAHA!

You know I couldn't just buy some new shirts for Damien and not Dominic so I bought him a few too. Here's what he wore to school today. I'm sure his teachers got a kick out of it because they know he is off the wall here. Just this morning he picked up his plate with his iced toaster strudel and threw it at me like a frisbee getting shit everywhere because "I dough wann it." Sometimes I could kick his little butt to the moon. Grrrrrr.....

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Adam's Mom said...

OMG where did you get those shirts?? I want them! I love love love them! (especially the prez one since Shawn's sis is a HUGE Bush lover - this would piss her off!!)