Thursday, August 24, 2006

I got a phone call early AM from D saying he was in a car accident. Nice. Luckily he's in a big Chevy Silverado and was only rear-ended. I have to say I'm not surprised it didn't happen sooner as people tailgate him all the time. Company policy has alarms installed on every truck that beep when someone is close to the bumper. It's supposed to be for an employee backing up so they know how far they are from an object BUT it goes off with tailgaters too so when someone is too close, it constantly beeps which is annoying when talking on the cell with him all you hear is this beeping. Anyways he was fine but got me thinking about his safety since he is on the road driving place to place daily. I really haven't been too concerned in the past about him on the road where as when he worked in the prison I was scared 98% of the time. He had been punched in the face by an inmate, found one with a shank, had inmates run from him, it was just frightening. Now though due to this, I'm sure I'll have a new car accident anxiety every day when he leaves for work.

I've been worrying alittle about his job already. I thought the office where I used to work was bad with women fighting and gossip but his office of all guys seems just as bad with the same junk. One coworker who got fired awhile back tried to actually fight one of the managers who was a blackbelt in karate. They all complain, fight and just bad mouth each other all the time. D gets alot of flack because he makes so much more than the others and they know it plus he's been in the profession now for about 6.5 years (3 years was at another company) and tells them the right answers to problems and it pisses them off. One guy inparticular really is upset that he's been there longer and D could potentially become his boss. He actually told him to his face "I'll make damn sure you're not my boss." He even went as far as to start training for the same management job as D. So now we both wonder if this guy in some way shape or form will eventually try to find a way to cost him his job. He tries to stay away from the office and on the road so he doesn't have to deal with anyone's shit because the guys are just a bunch of babies who whine about everything. It's just a mess. If the company would give us some sort of geological answer as to where we could live if he was the branch (Big boss) manager, I'd tell him to go for it so he'd be the boss over all these morons but they won't tell you where you may end up and I'd hate to end up 5,000 miles away from our family.

So today I also got a call for another job. The calls keep pouring in and I still haven't called my referral agency and taken my name off for now due to the house being on the market. This is for a 7 wk old and 22 month old which would be 8-5. We're going to try to meet in the next few days. I'm still pulling teeth with D on getting the house off the market till April.

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