Friday, August 25, 2006

Shot Day....Uh Oh. Any Volunteers For Taking Him?

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I hate taking kids in for shots. Ugh! I never did take Damien in for his 1 year check up back in July since he had an ear infection so I'm just now getting to it today. He's had a fever this week but nothing today and I think it was because he had a tooth poke through. He also had one day of the squirts which was strange for him since he's my rabbit pellet poop child most of the time. I'm taking Alex with us also to have her ears looked at and make sure her ear infection is gone from 2 weeks ago. These two kids have had so many ear infections where as Dominic may have had 2 in the past 3.5 years. I don't get it. My Great Grandma will be here to watch the other 3 kiddos while I run and do this. I'm so glad that she has finally retired!

Last night I paid for Brownie Girl Scouts for Alex. It was so nice to get out of the house and hang out with other ladies. UGH! I've really missed that this summer. We'll have our first meeting in 2 weeks. Mrs. BetterthanU was there and got all po'd because she had bought her daughter the vest sash instead of the regular one and expressed her dismay to the troop leader. She is such a rotten person. I've never seen a person as negative or horrible to other people as her. She muttered "I didn't think this was going to take THIS long" to someone else and her poor kids were crying for attention and all she did with the baby was slam him back into his stroller, let him knaw on her cellphone and say "this is how he acts when his dad is training." (Army dad) She also gave me the most fakest congrats ever on our pregnancy. I was as nice as ever to her though. We all gabbed about who has what 1st grade teacher and the upcoming field trip and who was helping out. It was just so nice to get out, I'm looking forward to the upcoming meetings. Dave actually had the boys ready for bed when I came home! WOW. Before I came home we stopped off and bought a few things including an Apple Pie so after we stuck the kids in bed (we're evil but I did buy them doughnuts for bt snack though) we had hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Yummmmm.

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Colleen said...

Shot day is never fun, glad to see you had an outing prepared to help him forget about it. I'll use that next time! I got out with ladies last night. It's almost as if I forget how to relate to other adults. I need to practice more often, lol.