Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shot Day Was Definitely No Fun

Shot day was not fun. I am so glad it's over till he's around 4-5 and gets his kindergarten shots. The poor guy first had 3 in his legs which he cried shortly between each one but his facial expressions about killed me, then ended up having a lead test on top of that so a nice prick to his finger. Poor guy. I felt awful holding him down. The lead test they actually squeeze their finger to make it bleed enough to fill several viles and so we had to hold his arm still while he screamed and they squeezed and flicked each blob of blood into the tube. It was terrible and took a good 5-10 minutes since they couldn't get a good blood flow. They almost were ready to prick another finger. We were there for a hour and a half altogether. I gave him Tylenol so he did pretty good just took his afternoon nap alittle late and then last night we took him to the pool since Alex's school was having their annual pool party for the students. It was his first time at the pool and he loved all the big alligators and other animals that spray water in the baby pool. You couldn't even tell he had a rough afternoon.

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