Saturday, August 26, 2006

If Damien Treats The New Baby Like This, We May Have A Problem

This was taken about a month ago when we decided to introduce some of Alex's baby dolls to Damien and see what he thought. Mainly he wanted to try to steal the one baby's pacifier. Sorry about my giggling. lol


Sylvia said...

OMG....Totally funny! I watched it with my husband and I can't thank you enough for relieving so much stress for us during this move. Damien is so cute and adorable and I couldn't stop laughing hearing you giggle. HEHE!

Kristi Ann said...

Too too too cute!! I was giggling right along with you! He is so adorable!!

Jess said...

He is too die for cute, Sabrina!!!

I can't believe you are half way done with your pregnancy. It is going so quick! :-)