Friday, August 11, 2006

Sick and Potty Training: I've Lost My Mind

So yesterday I ended up getting sick. With 6 kids here. Damien has been waking up around midnight with a horrible stuffy nose and unable to breathe well with his binkie. He's been holding his ears but he hasn't been cranky enough for me to think he's got another ear infection yet. SO I'm assuming I've caught a cold from him. I had the whole achey body, congestion, headache, no appetite thing going on. I really didn't sleep well at all because I felt like I was having hot flashes and couldn't breathe. Damien woke again around midnight so I gave him a dose of Little Noses and Vics then he slept with me for 2 hours till I put him in bed at 2 and then I've been up since about 5:45 with the boys both awake by 7. (sigh) I'm a firm believer in completely suffering before using medicine when pregnant but this morning I knew I couldn't operate today so I broke down and took Tylenol Cold and Sinus and now I'm feeling pretty good except my runny nose. How could you possibly get a cold when it's 105 degrees out? lol

Dominic wore his Thomas the Tank underwear all day yesterday with no accidents. I was so afraid of a #2 but he never even did it. I asked him all day if he needed to poop on the toilet and he said no. By nighttime I wanted to put him in a diaper for bed and he flat refused! He wanted to sleep with his Thomas underwear. I was scared, hesitant, but I went ahead. I told him about 20 times if he had to go pee, he needed to get up and go to the bathroom or else he was going to pee all over himself and his blankets. Well no accidents last night in bed but as soon as he woke up I guess he did have an accident while I was still in the shower. Luckily it wasn't much at all. Still no poop and he's wearing a pull up this morning. If he gets this potty training finished, we're buying Pirate of the Caribbean action figures, his favorite being Jack Sparrow. The kid has watched the first one about 500 times now and Jack is his idol. Hopefully this will be the incentive to get him potty trained. I'm thinking at this rate, Damien will possibly be trained before Dominic. Wouldn't that be a riot?


Colleen said...

You go with that potty training! I am still to scared to try night time! Maybe this Fall. There is nothing worse than being sick while you are pregnant! Hang in there.

Connor was watching that movie last night! How ironic.

Jess said...

That is great that Dominic is showing interest in potty training! My sister had to bribe my niece with Groovy Girl stuff. I think they kept some sort of a sticker chart and when she made it so many days (or weeks, not sure I remember) then she got the doll, accessories, etc.

And I love Jack Sparrow too!

Sabrina said...

Ummm.... so after this post, Dominic crapped his pants 3 times yesterday!! I was so mad! He was wearing a Pull up thank goodness each time but he did continue to pee on the toilet all day. It's not really the peeing that's the issue, it's the pooping. So annoying! He'll be 4 in six months!!! I'm still buying Jack Sparrow and placing him above the mirror as a tease.

Kristi Ann said...

Good luck with the potty training! As gross as it sounds...we let Sammy run around nude all day. After a few accidents...he was a pro. Bribery also helped the movie or action figure is a great incentive! Keep trying! HE will get it!

Deanne said...

Good luck w/ the training! Ooo, and thanks for the hot pic of Jack. ;)