Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Inlaws

Well this inlaw crap sucks as usual. So far we've only ate 1 dinner with them because they are constantly AGAIN taking off in our vehicle and out doing their own thing. Alex actually said tonight "when is grandma going to get here." Well it's 10 PM and she's STILL gone and has been gone since 3:30. All we're here for is a free hotel room, free showers, free coffee, and a free vehicle, oh and don't forget the free use of my washer and dryer to wash all their clothes bofore returning back to AZ. Yeah. I think Alex is picking up that they are taking off an awful lot and she's not seeing much of them. Every night I've put them to bed, they've been gone out with his Aunt or her friend. His mom has done the dishes once and hasn't offered to help. Well she has changed 2 diapers I guess in the last 4 days. His dad though has mowed our lawn, cut out some brush and hauled it to the dump. He's trying to help and keep busy.

Thursday I got majorly pissed because of his mom making the comment of "what are you doing to these kids!!!" Because they were standing at the gate blocking the kitchen crying. Then she said "how can you stand to listen to that?" Uhhhh because I don't have a choice?? They hate it when I clean or cook and they can't come in so they cry at the gate. Yes I'm used to the crying so it doesn't bother me but to act totally disgusted that I wouldn't shut them up, it just really got me pissed. Thursday they also took off with Dominic when I told them not to because I had 2 kids coming at 2 PM and I wanted him there to play with them. They didn't show up till 2:45 with him. I was so pissed but I kept my mouth shut. To me it just looks bad when a parent is dropping off their kid and expects someone to be there to play with them and there's no one there. Then they're poor kid is bored because it's just me and keeps constantly asking me what to do, where they are, etc.

Friday we had Alex's Cheer Performance at the football game and so Dave brought home Pizza. They though, took off and went to Montana Mike's with D's Aunt and husband even though we ordered 2 large pizzas for all of us to eat real quick so we could get to the game. Yeah. We were both a bit pissed. We told them 7:45 was the performance and they never showed. They didn't get to do it till 8 PM because overtime didn't hit till that time but they finally ended up getting there just intime to see the performance. As soon as we got home I got the kids straight to bed. I haven't broke the bedtime schedule at all since they've been here and Dave and I have been getting to bed by 10 PM sharp because the quicker I can get the day over with, the better I feel!! LOL

Anyways, I have more to share but I'll do it maybe tomorrow. I need to get some laundry done that she shoved in a basket so she could wash all their jeans. Nice.


Rhonda said...

Ok, your inlaws are MUCH worse than mine! LOL Just a few more days.... I know you can make it!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is ROUGH. I am so sorry to hear they are so insensitive. And it's not like you don't have your hands full already!

Hang in there, you are doing great. You must be getting big too! My due date is only about two weeks later than yours! I hope you're not as achy as I am! LOL


n!ta said...


don't let them stay with you again. it's way more trouble than anything else.


what complete buttwipes!

Colleen said...

RANT! Now take a deep breath and realize that they won't be there forever. Now eat some chocolate. In-laws suck.