Friday, September 29, 2006

New Daycare Kiddos This Week

Tuesday better hurry up or I'm bound to chop some outlaws heads off, we'll go there later.

I figured I'd show some pictures today, that's if Blogger lets me. Daycare this week has been crazy, fun, and slightly a headache but that's ok. I have 3 new kiddos now during the day so the kids have some new friends. The one baby Kennedy is slightly clingy but hopefully this will pass. I haven't been able to get her to take a nap yet but she's getting picked up by 3. The other two Zayne (3)and Brinley(5) are regular little kids so Dominic's excited to have them here. Lexi(6) is coming afterschool so Alex has someone to play with for awhile even too. I've had Lexi, K and K now for over 2 years. Today I made the kids Biscut faces which they loved and laughed at since their ears and noses seemed to come right off when played with.

Here's Dominic and Kelsey holding their biscut faces up for a picture.

Here's a group shot today at lunch. Kennedy (10mths) Dominic (3) Kelsey (4) Kayla (20 mths) and Damien (15 mths)

Bailey even enjoyed a yummy biscut face.

Here's Dominic and Kelsey playing with Dom's new train.

I needed to go look for a playpen for Kennedy to sleep in so when we went out, we ran into this family of wild turkeys out near our house. You usually have to stop for a flock of these a few times a week.

And last here's Dominic sporting one of his Halloween shirts.

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