Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On the Road to Recovery, I hope.

It's 6:30 AM and I've been up since 3:30. I can't sleep. Perhaps it's the massive itch attacks I'm having? Ya think? Ugh. So I finally gave in and went to the Dr Tuesday. I cried and cried Monday night in bed from the burning/itching and the fact I think Dave is a stupid pig of a guy about this whole thing. This was the first encounter leaving my house that I've had with anyone since last Wednesday at my sonogram. Let me just say it was quite embarassing. I had my eyes down on the babies in the stroller the whole time because I didn't want anyone to see me and my broke out face/body. In fact, a very good friend of mine from highschool and her husband were going to their family dr across the hall and I seriously hid from them by putting the canopies up on the double stroller then bending forward towards the babies the whole 30 minutes till my name was called. As soon as the nurse came out and said "sabrina" I flew in the door since I made sure to sit right next to where I'd be going.

To say Stumped would be an understatement. My Family Dr was floored, amazed, freaked out, and confused on what was going on with me. He had his hand near his mouth like he just couldn't muster what to say. I told him all the answers I knew he'd ask. Nothing new in the house, no new shampoos, haven't been playing in the yard, no new medicines, been like this for a week. After looking everything over a few times he said, "I'll be right back." I wouldn't be shocked if he went to the bathroom to throw up. Luckily in that time frame I knew I was going to have to be leaving to get Dominic off the bus but my Grandma called my cell and I asked her if she could please run by and get Dominic for me that this wasn't looking too good. She did thankfully. Dr finally came back in about 5 minutes and told me I had an appointment RIGHT NOW to go see a dermatologist in another office building. He said with the severity he needed to check me over. See I thought every day over the weekend I'd be better the next day when infact I think I was just getting worse. The pictures below were some of the beginning stages but by yesterday my front of my neck, my arms, shoulders, back, tummy, boobs, right butt and side were totally covered in about 4-5 inch thick raised patches of red while the rest of my pasty white skin was red from all that damn rubbing. I loaded the babies and we drove over to another building.

I got right in, this guy was super nice although I would say I've never seen two men so disgusted by looking at my body!! lol I guess I can kinda see why Dave was staying away and shuddering. I'm a freak. He said "I can't imagine how this feels, this has to hurt." Uh yeah! So after he looked everything over too his conclusion is that he believes I've gotten into poison ivy. He said some of the patches look like contact dermatitis but it's a definiate allergic reaction to something. We ruled out Cholestasis and PUPP the two pregnancy related rashes. I actually had done that the other day because after sitting in the house for a week I had PLENTY of time to Google them. I'm taking Prednisone now and hopefully I'll be over this nightmare soon. He gave me a cream for the itch but I'm just going to use hydrocortisone because my OB didn't want me to take the cream since she can't finda anything pregnancy related on it. He really didn't want me to use anything else on my skin but it's flaking so bad right now and you know dry skin makes itching worse so I'm using Aquafor which feels so greasy and good. I'm hoping I don't have any scaring from all this scratching in the past week. After having this happen, I've been seriously dreading the Morphine drip after my C-section. Each one I have literally ripped skin off my body from itching. I'm scared and I've still got like 17-18 weeks to go.

I hope you've all enjoyed this journey! lol


Jess said...

Sabrina, your rash sounds like torture. I am so, so sorry for you! I am glad the prednisone is beginning to help!

Colleen said...

Crossing my fingers and saying a prayer to the rash god for you!

Jenn said...

Oh Sabrina! I'm so sorry that you have to go through this. Yikes! It sounds so horrible and painful. I hope that the prednisone helps right away and you feel better soon.

n!ta said...

holy crow! i'm sending white light and a suggestion ... a friend of mine has similar issues and it's an autoimmune reaction to hormones present in pregnancy ... something to ask about?!

jeesh. good luck sister.