Friday, September 08, 2006

I Think We're Getting Better and Damien's 14 mths old!

Enough depressing posts. I am feeling quite a bit better! Especially since Dave got Poison Ivy too! LOL I have to admit it was funny seeing him come home from work last night with his cheeks swollen up to his eyes and his ears about as fat as 2 apple slices. He did the smart thing though and called his Dr from the road and they got him the same meds so he could get started right away. By this morning he got up and went right back to work as if nothing was wrong and his face was back to normal. I swear Prednisone is a miracle drug! In my case though, I'm still a bit itchy after waiting a week to go to the Dr my skin looks and feels like leather. Very dry and scaley. It's getting less and less though. I'm praying the kids don't end up getting this too.

I gave the could-be culprit a bath. He is not allowed to run free outside anymore. I will escort him in and out for potty breaks now. There is no eye contact going on because he's in a bad mood from me giving him a bath and also talking to a ton of people on the phone about him. He's been sulking.
Damien recently turned 14 months old and now you can tell he's really a toddler. He's such a joker and thinks everything he does is funny. His new thing is pushing and trying to knock other kids over. Not fun to deal with at all. He thinks it's a riot though. He also loves dragging out all the dishes from the bottom cabinets, take all the DVD's out of the entertainment center, throw food all over the floor for fun, play in the toilet, and climb the footstool in the bathroom up to the sink. With him enjoying the same toys as Dominic, it's been hard because the two fight ALOT. He's also taking toys away and running for his life which makes Dominic very upset. lol I can't wait to see how he reacts though when his little sister gets here. I'm sure he'll be a great big brother. Here's some new pics of him.


Jenn said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are feeling better and the Prednisone is working so well! That's too funny that Dave got it too.

ROTFLOL about the dog sulking because of the bath and you talking to everyone about it!

And Damien's pics are adorable! What a cutie!

Kristi Ann said...

Awww..he is sooo cute...and lokin like a little man already! HOLY MOLY!! I can't believe it! He is a cutie-pa-tootie! :)

SOOOO glad you are feeling better! You've suffered enough! :) HAve a great weekend!

Adam's Mom said...

The poor dog! LOL He looks so sad!
I am glad to hear you are feeling better - my goodness you have the worst luck!
I love the new pictures of Damien! He looks so grown up! What a doll!

Rhonda said...

Glad to here you are feeling better!!! Damien is SO cute!!! I am sure the dog is not going to like being escorted outside either! He may be sulking for awhile!