Monday, September 11, 2006

5 Years

It's hard to believe that 5 years has already passed since 9-11. I don't think I'll ever forget sitting there in the office and our boss coming up to us and telling us to come to his office after the first plane hit. We thought it was just a mistake by the pilot, then the second plane hit and we were all in shock. We didn't have a TV but we had the internet and the pics were just being uploaded left and right onto MSNBC and All 12 of us had alittle bit of a pep talk on "trying to do our job" but we all knew that there wasn't much going to be done considering my job and the others consisted of calling Fire Departments around the United States, 2 states in my territory were New York and New Jersey. Basically my job was marketing, calling ambulance services, hospitals and fire departments and updating our info on them since the company made ambulances and rescue vehicles. By 9:30, we were told to take the day off since we were getting hung up on left and right and yelled at. I remember Dave calling telling me to get gas on the way home because they said it was going to go up to $5.00 a gallon. I flew down the highway and when I came to town I saw about 15 cars per pump and gas was like 3 somethin. I drove to 3 stations and finally stopped at one where the lines were still huge. I got gas, can't remember the price but waited 45 minutes just to get it. Then I drove to our daycare lady down my street, picked up Alex and came home. I kept thinking we were all going to die and what did I bring a kid on this horrible Earth for. I spent the rest of the day playing with my little 1 yr old and watching coverage with bodies jumping out windows to their deaths. I was consumed in the news and couldn't believe this was a real. Watching TV made it look like a movie. After about 6 months I went bac k to calling Fire Departments in New York and found that several of my contacts had died that day. I felt like such a smuck on each one of those calls. But anyways.

Well the weekend was pretty boring around here. Cleaned all of Sunday morning for our 2:30-4:00 open house, went to my dad's house during that time then came back. Would you believe now that school has started, we may have 2 parties interested in our house. That's my luck. Honestly with like 10 shootings in the past 2 weeks in Wichita, shit maybe we should just stay here!! I mean I'm not sure if any other city around would have their homicide rate jump 35% in one week. What the hell!??

On the poison ivy, I'm still abit itchy but skin is totally looking back to normal. I'm no longer much of a freak! I still have pink skin though where I itched a ton, almost like a sunburn. I've been avoiding Dave like the plague but after doing some more internet research on Poison Ivy, he shouldn't be contagious since you only are when you have the pollen or dust on you. He was lucky to know from me what it was and get it taken care of because he didn't itch much at all vs. me itching like mad. I had a follow up appointment with the dermatologist but I called and canceled since I'm doing alot better. I just wish I could stop these itch fits in the middle of the night. Luckily only 2 times last night and I went back to sleep fairly quickly.

Found out officially when D's parents will be coming to visit. Thankfully they'll only be here for 1 week instead of the normal two. I don't know why they chose to come during the school year and Dave even told them it'd be better for them to wait till like Xmas break or summer. Nope, they want to come the end of September. Boy are they in for a ride. Last time they came together, Dominic was 1, his mom came alone when Damien was born back in 7-05. They'll sleep in the basement most likely but Alex is down there so we'll have to make sure they are quiet because they watch TV in bed. And don't forget they come from AZ so there's a hour time change they'll be putting up with too. There's not much time in the evenings to do anything because we're so busy and by 7 I start the bedtime routine with baths. Kids go down at 8:30 PM, we go down at 10:30 then Dave's up by 5 AM, I'm up by 6:15-6:30. I usually start a load of laundry in the morning around that time, get breakfast going, Dominic's up by 7 AM, Alex is on the bus by 7:15, K shows up by 7:30. Dominic's on the bus by 7:55. SO there's alot that goes on here in the morning and we just can't figure out why they just had to come NOW. I'm not breaking my routine for their visit. Be prepared for me complaining the last week of September.


Rhonda said...

I feel your pain about your in laws!!! I hope that the visit goes well for you! I am glad you are not itching as much!

Kristi Ann said... have a lot going on right now!! Super mom!!

I think it is an in-law thing. It's like a law....they HAVE to show up at the least convienent time! LOL Gotta love em!

*hugs to you*

Colleen said...

Hope your in-laws don't wear you down too much, don't forget to ask for help, delegate!My parents are pretty much useless so I have to tell them what to do or they won't help.